Interest rates

External Reference Rates

External reference rates for currencies commonly used by Barclays Corporate Banking for some Working Capital and Deposit products

External reference rates are effective from 31 October 2016

Currency Country External reference rate  Day count used Implementation of latest rate change
AED4 UAE Central Bank of the U.A.E1
Repo Rate
360 05/08/19
AUD4 Australia
Reserve Bank of Australia 
Target Cash Rate

360 03/07/19
BBD Barbados No Central Bank Policy Rate published2
360 31/10/16
BGN Bulgaria Bulgarian National Bank Base Interest Rate^
360 31/10/16
BHD Bahrain Central Bank of Bahrain Key Policy Rate (1 Week Deposit Rate)^
360 05/08/19
BSD Bahamas Central Bank of the Bahamas Discount (Bank) Rate^
360 01/02/17
BWP Botswana Bank of Botswana Bank Rate^
360 02/09/19
CAD4 Canada Bank of Canada Policy Interest Rate^
360 25/10/18
CHF4 Switzerland SNB Key Policy Rate^
This has replaced the Swiss National Bank 3 Month LIBOR Target (Midpoint)
360 13/06/19
CNY China The People's Bank of China1 Year Policy Deposit Rate
360 31/10/16
CZK4 Czech Republic
Czech National Bank 2 Week Repo Rate^
360 03/05/19
DKK4 Denmark Danish National Bank Certificates of Deposit Rate
360 16/09/19
EUR4 Eurozone European Central Bank Main Refinancing (MRO) Rate^
360 31/10/16
FJD Fiji Reserve Bank of  Fiji Overnight Policy Rate^
360 31/10/16

Current and historic Bank of England Base Rates and effective dates are available at www.bankofengland.co.uk^

Current and historic Barclays Base Rates and effective dates are available at Barclays base rates

365 02/08/18
GHS Ghana Bank of Ghana BOG Policy Rate^
360 30/01/19
HKD4 Hong Kong Hong Kong Monetary Authority Base Rate
365 20/09/19
HRK4 Croatia Croatian National Bank Overnight Deposit^
360 31/10/16
HUF4 Hungary Hungarian Central Bank Base Rate^
360 31/10/16
ILS  Isreal Bank of Israel Interest Rate^
365 28/11/18
INR India Reserve Bank of India Policy Reverse Repo Rate^
360 08/08/19
ISK Iceland Central Bank of Iceland Seven-Day Term Deposit Rate
360 03/09/19
JMD Jamaica  Bank of Jamaica Policy Rate
360 03/09/19
JOD Jordan Central Bank of Jordan CBJ Main Rate^
360 15/08/19
JPY4 Japan Bank of Japan Complementary Deposit Facility Rate^
360 31/10/16
KES4 Kenya Central Bank of Kenya Central Bank Rate^
365 02/08/18
KWD Kuwait Central Bank of Kuwait Overnight Repo Rate^
365 24/12/18
KYD Cayman Islands No Central Bank Policy Rate published2
360 31/10/16
LKR Sri Lanka Central Bank of Sri Lanka Standing Deposit Facility Rate (SDFR)^
360 12/09/19
LSL Lesotho
No Central Bank Policy Rate published2
365 31/10/16
MUR Mauritus Bank of Mauritius Repo Rate^
365 13/08/19
MWK Malawi Reserve Bank of Malawi Bank Rate
360 08/05/19
MXN4 Mexico Bank of Mexico Overnight Target Rate
360 19/08/19
NGN Nigeria Central Bank of Nigeria Monetary Policy Rate (MPR)
360 28/03/19
NOK4 Norway Norges Bank Key Policy Rate
360 20/09/19
NZD4 New Zealand Reserve Bank of New Zealand Official Cash Rate^
360 08/08/19
OMR Oman Central Bank of Oman Repo Rate1 3
360 03/09/19
PHP Philippines
Central Bank of the Philippines Overnight RRP Rate
360 13/08/19
PKR Pakistan State Bank of Pakistan SBP Policy (Target) Rate^
360 17/07/19
PLN4 Poland National Bank of Poland Reference Rate (Minimum Money Market Intervention Rate)
365 31/10/16
QAR Qatar Qatar Central Bank QMR Overnight Deposit Rate^
360 24/12/18
RON4 Romania National Bank of Romania Policy Rate^
360 09/05/18
RSD Serbia National Bank Serbia Key Policy Rate^
360 13/08/19
RUB Russia Bank of Russia Key Rate
360 11/09/19
SAR4 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Official Repo Rate^
360 05/08/19
SEK Sweden Swedish Riksbank Repo Rate^
360 21/12/18
SGD4 Singapore Monetary Authority of Singapore Standing Facility Borrowing Rate^3
365 03/09/19
THB Thailand Bank of Thailand Policy Interest Rate The 1-Day Repurchase Rate
365 08/08/19
TND Tunisia Central Bank of Tunisia Key Rate^
360 01/03/19
TRY4 Turkey Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey 1 Week Repo Rate^
360 13/09/19
TTD Trinidad & Tobago
Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Repo Rate^
360 04/07/18
UGX Uganda Bank of Uganda Central Bank Rate (CBR)^
360 08/10/18
USD4 USA Federal Reserve Bank of New York Federal Funds Target Rate (Upper Bound)
360 19/09/19
XCD East Caribbean  East Caribbean Central Bank Discount Rate^
360 31/10/16
ZAR4 South Africa  South African Reserve Bank Repo Rate
365 19/07/19
ZMW Zambia Bank of Zambia Policy Rate^
360 23/05/19

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1External reference rate not available on Central Bank website at present - please contact Central Bank directly should you wish to verify their current rate.

2A Central Bank rate is not published for this currency. We will apply a reference rate of zero.

3We will apply as the reference rate the rate published on the first business day of each month with the rate updated monthly.

4Currency available in both Barclays Bank PLC and Barclays Bank Ireland PLC


These interest rates are in relation to accounts you hold with Barclays in the UK (provided by Barclays Bank PLC), France (provided by Barclays Bank Ireland PLC, French Branch), Germany (provided by Barclays Bank Ireland PLC, Frankfurt Branch), Ireland (provided by Barclays Bank Ireland PLC), Spain (provided by Barclays Bank Ireland PLC, Spanish Branch), Italy (provided by Barclays Bank Ireland PLC, Italian branch) and/or Portugal (provided by Barclays Bank Ireland PLC, Portuguese Branch) as applicable.

The terms which apply to each Account are those terms which govern that Account in the relevant Barclays Country (e.g. an Account the customer holds in the UK, provided by Barclays Bank PLC, would be subject to the terms of the Barclays Customer Agreement applicable to that Account in the UK).

The information on this website does not apply to any committed term loan products, products with a fixed interest rate or any products which are charged on the basis of a published screen rate, such as LIBOR. Please consult your product documentation or contact your relationship point or branch if you would like any more details regarding the basis of your rate.

Following a change to the reference rate for US Dollar and Euro the bank will update the rate on the same business day as the effective date of the rate change.

If the rate change is announced and is effective after normal business hours in London, or if the effective date of the rate change is not a business day in London, then the reference rate will be updated on the next business day. The bank will update the reference rate for currencies other than US Dollar and Euro following a change to that reference rate promptly and in any event within 5 business days of the effective date of the change.

We reserve the right to replace any of these reference rates from time to time.

Not all products are available in all currencies. If you would like details about the rates for any products or currencies, please contact your relationship point or branch.

Negative reference rates on working capital products: If any external reference rate is less than zero then, for the purposes of calculating debit interest or excess interest (as applicable) for your working capital product, that rate will be deemed to be zero. For example, your overdraft might be charged at 3% over an external reference rate. If the external reference rate is -0.25%, you would be charged 3%.