Barclays International Corporate Banking is trusted by over 300 FinTech clients across the world. Our teams in 11 major financial centres across the UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas can provide your business with experience, insights and solutions to connect you to possibility globally.

Understanding the FinTech sector

Through our deep coverage of the payments and FinTech ecosystem, we can provide insight to support your next steps for growth in this fast-changing sector.

Our FinTech team is the partner of innovative companies across the payments industry, including card networks, eWallet providers, payment services providers, eMoney issuers, FX Brokers, card acquirers and issuers.

If you’re solely an AISP or PISP, looking for Open Banking connectivity, click here to see how we can support you.

Benefit from:

  • Innovative products to help manage foreign exchange risk and payment flows.
  • Access to all UK clearing systems, including Agency banking services.
  • Our continued investment in payment technology and centralised EUR clearing through Frankfurt – including connections to Target2 and Euro 1.
  • Access to Barclays’ products and services such as SWIFT, as well as BARX, to support collections and disbursements.
  • Expertise in payments, cash management and liquidity management.

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