Government and Local Authorities

2023 Sector Outlook

Local Authorities

The one-year funding package will help local authorities face tough challenges this year, but the lack of a longer-term strategic solution to financing hampers forward planning, says Julian Batson, our Head of Government and Local Authorities.

Barclays, the partner of choice

Having worked with the sector for well over a decade, Barclays is committed to become the partner of choice for government and local authorities.

Barclays has operated sector specialism for over 15 years, presently providing transactional banking services to just under 25% of all local authorities and holding treasury relationships with close to 70% in the UK

Industry challenges and opportunities

  • Pressure on budgets and finances, particularly with respect to adult social care and children’s services
  • Tackling Climate Change and The Decarbonisation Challenge
  • Up-skilling staff and embracing new technology, like AI and robotics, to improve services
  • Reducing inequality in local communities, which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Improving Diversity and Inclusion, in both the workplace and in communities

Client advantages

Our years of experience in this sector have taught us that clients benefit from the deep relationships we develop in order to truly understand and support them. We have a team of highly experienced relationship directors who will work in partnership with you to bring new ideas and solutions that leverage the wider Barclays group to meet your needs.

  • Specific sector specialism
  • Ability to access products and solutions from the wider Barclays group, including Barclays investment bank, Private bank and Barclaycard.
  • 3 point of contact service model, with a dedicated relationship director
  • The peace of mind provided by Barclays’ strong financial position

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