Big Picture Banking

Big Picture Banking

See things differently.

What is Big Picture Banking?

At Barclays Corporate Banking, we give clients the big picture. We look beyond numbers, revealing ideas and opportunities.

We uncover opportunities to help you embrace change, expand business horizons and explore what tomorrow looks like for you.

Is it time to change your perspective?

At Barclays Corporate Banking

we have the banking excellence you’d expect

and much more besides.

By looking beyond banking

and beyond numbers

we see trends that others don’t.

We discover insights

uncover ideas

and reveal opportunities

to help you see what really matters.

With our dedicated regional and sector specialists

and the power of the wider Barclays network

we can act on those insights together,

helping you achieve a more expansive,

better-connected future for your business.

See things differently.

Big Picture Banking

Why choose Barclays?

Our experts deliver a seamless service, providing innovative thinking to help you find the right solutions for your business.

We provide market insight and identify opportunities across various industries, UK regions, and the communities we’re embedded in.

When you bank with us, we can connect you to the power of the Barclays network across cards and payments, investment, and private banking.

We’re helping support the transition to a low-carbon economy, creating a more sustainable business and helping clients do the same.

We deliver the banking solutions that many expect, but over and above that we’re committed to building deep working relationships and taking the time to understand the big picture of your business.

David Farrow

Head of Corporate Banking

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If your business has an annual turnover of £6.5m or above, we’re here to help you get ahead. Find out how Big Picture Banking could change your perspective – and your business.

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