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Fraud Protection

Fraudsters are working as hard as you are. Our content can help you stay ahead of them.

Barclays Corporate Fraud

Report fraud
UK Dial: 0330 156 0155
Overseas Dial: +44 1606 566208

Suspicious email
Barclays will never send you unsolicited emails requesting personal information or your bank security details. If you receive a suspicious email, please send it on as an attachment to internetsecurity@barclays.co.uk and delete the email immediately.

What is fraud?

Fraud is a criminal act to deceive you and take your cash – it's a transaction that you didn't know about or authorise. For example, fraudsters may use your details to open accounts under your name or your business.

What is a scam?

A scam is where you’re tricked into making or authorising a payment to a criminal’s account. Scammers impersonate banks and official organisations using emails, phone calls and texts that look and sound genuine.

In the spotlight - Global IT incidents

Fraudsters will take advantage of global IT incidents, like major events that disrupted internet services across the globe on Friday 19 July 2024, impacting multinational industries including airlines, banking and healthcare.

Be extra vigilant when it comes to unsolicited communications especially following these kinds of events.

  • Be aware of calls offering to support you with issues. Always call a number back that you know is genuine for the firm you are dealing with
  • Avoid downloading any attachments from emails or software from unknown sources. This may result in malicious software being downloaded onto your device, which can result in the scammers gaining access to your device and personal information, including your online banking
  • Don’t grant third parties access to your device, by use of remote access tools. Fraudsters can take advantage of having full control of your device
  • Look out for emails or text messages asking you for personal information out of the blue and do not engage with them.

Fraud webinars

Corporate fraud can affect any business, at any time. It’s vital that you and your staff stay vigilant and up to date with the latest techniques that fraudsters use to get your money.

Catch up on the latest replays of our quarterly fraud webinars, and register for upcoming webinars, to help you stay one step ahead.

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