Quarterly Fraud Webinar

Our quarterly fraud webinar explores the latest developments in fraud and provides insights into how you can best protect yourself and your business.


Our latest fraud webinar: What makes us vulnerable?

Watch our latest webinar, in conjunction with the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU), on the psychology of fraud. This event took place on Thursday 8 September 2022.

Corporate fraud can affect any business, at any time. It’s vital that you and your staff stay vigilant and up to date with the latest techniques that fraudsters use to get your money.

Our quarterly fraud webinars shed a light on some of these issues and provide up to date insights about how best to protect yourself and your business.

A Victim’s Journey Part 1

In this webinar, ‘A Victim’s Journey’, we covered the latest cyber threats for businesses, key trends, top tips for protection and useful resources to help your organisation stay ahead of fraudsters.

A Victim’s Journey Part 2

We expanded on the discussion from our January webinar by sharing further insights on the cyber threats posed in Dave’s journey, how to manage potential situations and avoid becoming an unwitting victim.

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Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection

Head back to our dedicated hub for the latest fraud trends and useful resources to help protect your business from cyber criminals.


Fraud and scams

What is the difference between fraud and a scam? Follow our top tips to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals.

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