Corporate Lending

We’re here to help you find the right financing solutions to fit your business.

How can our lending solutions support your business?

  • Support, when you need it
    If a committed facility is required, a Term Loan or Revolving Credit Facility could be for you with funds available when you need them, or if you have a cyclical business and want to stay on track with an agreed limit an overdraft could help

  • Tailored solutions
    Our lending experts are here to help you with lending solutions created with the needs of businesses in mind: whether you want funding for growth, acquisition finance, property finance or a financial buffer in case of unexpected events

  • Growth
    Some of our solutions are multipurpose. After all, every business is unique, and the way each business uses, for example, a Term Loan, will differ. While one business might use this facility to support corporate acquisition finance, another could use it as general purpose finance

  • Property Finance
    Access financing and on-the-ground expertise to support your property development or investment activities across the UK. From bilateral loans to syndicated and capital market deals, we can help you make the most of property financing.


Key product features and benefits

Term Loan

Fuel growth, have greater confidence buying assets, or boost your day-to-day business with a term loan. It could be used for a wide range of requirements, from buying machinery to purchasing property, or funding medium to long-term business growth. Use it for business expansion, including management buy outs and capital injection.

Revolving Credit Facility (RCF)

If you work in a cyclical business, a Revolving Credit Facility (RCF) could give you flexibility and reduce your bureaucracy – there’s no need to keep reapplying for finance. Have the convenience to draw down and repay, repeating this within agreed limits and the agreed period for the facility. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial for those who know their revenue will fluctuate.


Reduce uncertainty and give your business more room to operate by choosing an overdraft. Use it in a way that suits you, from dealing with unexpected costs to day-to-day expenses. Our overdrafts are easy to set up and can be offered as part of most business current accounts. A great way to manage your short-term working capital funding requirements.

Debt Capital Markets

Our DCM and Leveraged Finance teams can support you in developing and implementing investment grade or high yield, debt financing solutions tailored to your needs. Our capabilities span the spectrum of fixed income financing, including senior bonds in the major currency markets, liability management, hybrid capital, loans, private capital markets, strategic capital, structured lending and acquisition finance.

Wholesale Stock Finance

Stock financing has many benefits for vehicle dealerships and manufacturers. By linking your inventory management systems to an automated finance solution, you’ll benefit from daily drawdowns and settlements to fund stock. Enhanced reporting can also provide you with insight into inventory management performance.

Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS)

The Recovery Loan scheme is a government scheme to support access to finance for UK small businesses as they invest and grow. Our relationship teams can discuss with you whether the RLS is right for your business, and help you with your application if needed.

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Important Information

The products referred to in this webpage are subject to separate terms and conditions. Learn more by getting in contact with our Corporate Banking team.

Barclays Bank PLC adheres to The Standards of Lending Practice for Business Customers which are monitored and enforced by The Lending Standards Board^. The Statement of Lender & Borrower Responsibilities (SLBR), summarises our responsibilities as a lender.

Negative reference rates: If your facility is aligned to a floating reference rate (e.g. Bank of England Bank Rate) and that rate becomes less than zero then it will be deemed to be zero i.e. the total interest rate charged for that facility will never be less than the facility margin.

If you are a Small or Medium sized Enterprise (SME) considering applying for a secured facility with another lender and already have secured borrowing with us, please ensure you review our Deeds of Priority information.