Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics

For over a decade, Barclays has provided banking, financing and strategic expertise across the whole value chain for manufacturing, transport and logistics clients.

Industry challenges and opportunities

  • Deal with uncertainty 
  • Filling the skills gap 
  • Growth in automation 
  • The fourth industrial revolution.

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Client Story

Wyke Farms

When the leading cheese-maker wanted to build a biogas plant in order to be 100% energy self-sufficient, its long-standing relationship with Barclays was key to funding its plans.


Direct from manufacturer

Barclays’ Lee Collinson, discusses how for a growing number of UK households, buying goods direct from the producer is now an established habit.


Going direct

Manufacturers going direct – Research from Barclays focused on the opportunities for manufacturers to use a direct to consumer sales approach.


UK Logistics Confidence index

Barclays and BDO in conjunction with specialist sector research agency Analytiqa, have undertaken the latest in our series of surveys to assess.

Client advantages

As well as a dedicated Relationship Director you will also have access to a variety of products and solutions. Click on the areas below to find out more about how Barclays can support you.

Specialist expertise across your sector

The manufacturing, transport and logistics sector faces many different challenges and opportunities. To meet your specific needs, we provide dedicated and specialist teams.

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We can help ensure cash is working hard for you across your whole business – from seamless coordination of payments to efficient treasury management.



Discover flexible, expert financing solutions built around your business – from meeting day-to-day expenditure to funding your ambitions for growth.


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With an international network of local trade specialists, we offer a range of solutions to help you execute and expand your trading activities with confidence.

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