Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics

For over a decade, Barclays has provided banking, financing and strategic expertise across the whole value chain for manufacturing, transport and logistics clients.

Industry challenges and opportunities

  • Deal with uncertainty 
  • Filling the skills gap 
  • Growth in automation 
  • The fourth industrial revolution.

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Client Story

Wyke Farms

When the leading cheese-maker wanted to build a biogas plant in order to be 100% energy self-sufficient, its long-standing relationship with Barclays was key to funding its plans.


A New Image for Manufacturing

Barclays’ new research reveals how the generation that’s critical to the future of Manufacturing views this ever-evolving sector.


Going direct

Manufacturers going direct – Research from Barclays focused on the opportunities for manufacturers to use a direct to consumer sales approach.

Client advantages

As well as a dedicated Relationship Director you will also have access to a variety of products and solutions. Click on the areas below to find out more about how Barclays can support you.

Specialist expertise across your sector

The manufacturing, transport and logistics sector faces many different challenges and opportunities. To meet your specific needs, we provide dedicated and specialist teams.

  • Our team has worked with many of the world’s largest aerospace and defence companies.

    By drawing on our knowledge, experience and industry relationships in this sector to help you grow your business – and can provide financing expertise to support projects of any scale.

    Benefit from:

    • Access to valuable contacts and stakeholders in the industry, plus regular networking opportunities and industry events
    • Deep understanding of regulatory, contractual and commercial issues, plus regular insight on industry trends and developments
    • Day-to-day banking and longer-term financing solutions – including asset and trade finance, cash management and FX management.
  • From food and drink to metals, aerospace and machinery, electronics to pharmaceuticals, our relationships with leading manufacturers enable us to stay ahead of this continually evolving sector.

    With a strong focus on sustainability, supply chain risk and high-value manufacturing, we are committed to helping your business achieve its short and long-term objectives.

    Benefit from:

    • Valuable contacts with trade press, business influencers and industry bodies, plus regular networking opportunities and industry events
    • Industry-specific credit and financing teams that understand your funding needs
    • Comprehensive day-to-day banking and longer-term financing solutions – including asset finance, cash management, corporate lending and working capital
    • Regular in-depth analysis of manufacturing trends from our in-house research team.
  • We have extensive experience of meeting the banking, financing and strategic needs of this complex and highly-regulated sector.

    From power suppliers and generators to water companies and energy distribution networks, we work closely with clients to help optimise financing, manage liquidity and ensure seamless, reliable customer payments and transactions worldwide.

    Benefit from:

    • Our expertise, industry relationships and networking opportunities, developed over a decade in these sectors
    • Regular and ongoing analysis of customer service and payment trends
    • A range of bespoke solutions to benefit you and your customers, including Barclaycard corporate solutions, payments and collections services, trade finance and working capital solutions.
  • We are proud to be the chosen corporate banking partner of more than half of the top 50 transport and logistics companies in the UK.

    We have long-standing experience of the complexity and competitiveness of this sector - and the financing solutions you need to grow within it.

    Plus, through our membership and key sponsorship of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport we can represent your views and help shape the future of the industry.

    Benefit from:

    • Comprehensive day-to-day banking and longer-term financing solutions, including asset finance, trade finance, cash management, FX management – plus full access to Barclays investment banking expertise
    • Extensive relationships with trade press and leading trade associations, plus regular networking opportunities and industry events
    • In-depth analysis of sector trends from our in-house research team.

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