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Having supported clients in international trade for decades, we have built the global networks, local support and expert solutions to help you trade efficiently and securely – and expand your trading opportunities with confidence.

Solutions for your business
  • Our trade solutions can help you mitigate risk, ensure payment security and maximise your working capital
  • Through our global network of offices and Relationship Directors, we can support your trade activities in multiple markets
  • Our Trade Specialists provide international expertise that you can access locally
  • Our solutions incorporate features developed over many years of supporting clients in international trade
  • As no two transactions are the same, we create solutions to meet your specific needs each time.

Find out about trade solutions

Client Story

BBR Graphics

With a trade loan facility, BBR graphics was able to innovate and expand internationally as the printing industry began to struggle.

Client Story

Carter Retail

Working alongside Barclays and the UKEF, Carter Retail are now able to deliver sustainable growth both within the UK and overseas.

Client Story


Partnering with UK Export Finance, Barclays was able to help Mechatherm use a Bond Support Scheme to fulfil its commitments and secure a contract with Alba.

What can trade solutions do for you?

  • Through our global network, we can provide you with a range of services
  • Our experienced, locally based Relationship Directors and Trade Specialists will work with you to understand your trade activity and needs
  • You can also access the full range of Barclays’ trade-related expertise, such as foreign exchange management, risk management and international payment services.
  • Global ECA Financing team Global ECA Financing team

    Our Global ECA Financing team works with clients to provide holistic Export Credit Agency (ECA) financing solutions. The team works across the full credit spectrum, offering structuring, trade and working capital solutions.

    We take a highly coordinated approach when working with ECAs to minimise operational risk and improve efficiency. This approach allows us to:

    • Explore the full extent of what is possible with relevant ECAs
    • Negotiate beneficial terms to achieve an optimal ECA financing solution
    • Assist clients with terms and conditions of ECA-backed trade solutions so recommendations can be made on a financing proposal.
  • Supporting International Expansion Supporting International Expansion

    Barclays supports businesses seeking to expand internationally, from multinationals seeking new markets and managing transactions across different time-zones and currencies, to enterprises looking for support with their trade strategy. Our specialists are on hand to help you with a full suite of banking services, so that you can make the most of the global marketplace.

    Exporting is GREAT

    At Barclays, we are committed to working with the UK government (great.gov.uk^) to support UK businesses and their trading ambitions, from providing access to finance to offering the expertise of our teams of product specialists.

    Exporting is GREAT logo
    Supporting reference

    Supporting UK Exporters

    At Barclays, we are committed to working with the UK Government to support UK businesses and their trading ambitions.


Delivering Economic Growth through Exports

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Financing exports and optimising trade

International trade provides opportunities that allows exporting companies to scale more rapidly than if they relied on the UK market alone.



Get a wealth of practical insight and latest news on trading internationally.

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