Trade Solutions

Trade with confidence across the world and extend your business reach using our portfolio of trade products.

How can trade solutions support your business?

Our award winning team of trade specialists1 could support your international growth aspirations.

  • Managing risk
    Our trade services are designed to ease some of the challenges of trading internationally, while providing security and peace of mind when managing risk for your business. For instance, a Performance Bond could provide reassurance to your buyer that you’ll meet your obligations

  • Streamline trade
    One-off or regular trade loans could help to smooth your cash flow whilst tools such as letters of credit can help your business deal confidently with new clients or suppliers. Additionally, our wide variety of trade products could streamline trade with existing partners, saving you time

  • International reach
    In many cases, we can tailor or combine our products to help you achieve your short or long term goals: whether you’re looking to expand domestically or internationally, our suite of trade solutions could support your ambitions. For example, a trade loan can provide funds to pay import collections or letters of credit at sight
  • Growth
    Offering more certainty to your trading partners could enhance the bargaining power of your business, allowing you to negotiate discounts or longer credit. They can also provide critical backing that allows you to tender for business and open up new markets, for example tools such as a letter of credit could help give comfort to buyers or suppliers in new markets, and ensure payment and delivery of goods.

Key product features and benefits

Trade Loan

Bridge the gap between your payments to suppliers, and income from customers. A Barclays trade loan ensures you can pay suppliers on time. Free up your working capital so you can invest in business growth.

Import Collection

Import collection is safer than paying for goods in advance since you make a payment only when you receive evidence of the shipment – protecting your business against non-delivery of goods. By using trusted banks as intermediaries, import collection can enable you to negotiate more favourable payment terms with your suppliers.

Export Collection

A reliable and efficient way for exporters to collect payment for goods. Barclays handles the document and payment collections on your behalf. International rules apply, reducing scope for disputes. You benefit from enhanced trust with trade partners; agreed payment dates provide more predictable cash flow.

Import Letter of Credit

Through import letters of credit, Barclays provides security of settlement for goods or services shipped. Reassurance of timely payment may offer you enhanced negotiating power as an importer, opening up discounts or better payment terms. A letter of credit can also require independent inspection of goods before shipment – important when buying from new suppliers.

Bonds, Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit

These globally-recognised products offer you confidence against non-compliance of a contract. As a buyer, your advance payment is protected and your supplier gets the assurance that you can meet your commitments. For sellers, these tools can make your proposition more attractive through the certainty offered to buyers.

Export Letter of Credit

Export letters of credit reduce cross-border settlement risk for exporters – especially useful in new markets, where political, economic or regulatory context can make trading uncertain. The process is structured around your working capital cycle. Set payment dates could enhance your cash flow management, while the need for separate credit insurance is reduced.

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