Export Collections Terms and Conditions

Barclays Bank PLC (“Barclays”) Export Collections are subject to Uniform Rules for Collections (as published by the International Chamber of Commerce and in force on the date the Collection is issued, as amended from time to time).

Banks are not obliged to examine documents, it is therefore important that the covering schedule contains full and precise instructions.

1. Goods should not be despatched directly to the address of a bank or consigned to a bank without their prior agreement.

2. Banks are under no obligation to undertake storage and insurance of the goods. Some countries’ regulations prohibit this. Normally for this to be possible, a document of title (eg. Bill of Lading) must be included. If Barclays or any of its agents is in a position to give effect to your instructions to store or insure goods, the selection of any storage facilities or insurers, and/or the acceptance of any terms and conditions for storage or insurance shall be at the sole discretion of Barclays and/or its agents and without responsibility to you.

3. The currencies accepted by Barclays for Export Collections globally are as follows: UAE Dirham, Australian Dollar, Barbados Dollar, Bulgarian Lev, Bahraini Dinar, Bahamas Dollar, Botswana Pula, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Chinese Yuan Renminbi, Czech Republic Koruna, Danish Krone, Euro, Fiji Dollar, Ghana Cedi, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Israeli Shekel, Indian Rupee, Jamaica Dollar, Jordanian Dinar, Japanese Yen, Kenyan Shilling, Kuwaiti Dinar, Cayman Islands Dollar, Sri Lankan Rupee, Moroccan Dirham, Mauritius Rupee, Malawi Kwacha, Mexican Peso, Nigerian Naira, Norwegian Krone, New Zealand Dollar, Omani Rial, Philippines Peso, Pakistan Rupee, Polish Zloty, Qatari Rial, Romanian Leu, Saudi Riyal, Swedish Krona, Singapore Dollar, Thailand Baht, Tunisian Dinar, New Turkish Lira, Trinidad and Tobago Dollar, Ugandan Shilling, United States Dollar, East Caribbean Dollar, South African Rand, Zambian Kwacha, Pounds Sterling and any other currencies accepted at Barclays’ sole discretion from time to time.

4. Any charges and expenses, whether Barclays’ or the collecting bank’s, not recovered from the drawee, including any costs of protecting the goods, will be charged to you. Please note that where the collecting bank requires payment of charges and expenses in advance, we reserve the right to recover such amount immediately from you.

5. If interest is to be collected then the Collection schedule must state the interest rate, interest period, and the basis of calculation (ie. the number of days; 360 or 365). It should also indicate whether interest may be waived or not.

6. Where interest charges may not be waived (or where part payment is offered) the collecting bank will not deliver the documents and/or bill(s) of exchange until full payment is received, nor will it be responsible for any consequences arising out of the delay in delivering the documents.

7. The ‘In Case of Need’ should be an agent or another person, usually in the country of the drawee, willing to act on your behalf.

8. Collections should NOT contain tenor bills with an instruction to release documents on payment. Please seek advice from your local Barclays Trade Representative.

9. Protest is a legal notation that the drawee has refused payment and can assist in legal proceedings to pursue the debt. It is not always available in the drawee’s country, and in some cases has limited value.

10. Bills of Lading are issued in sets, usually 3 originals. If all of the originals are not attached, please ensure that details of the whereabouts of any missing ones are stated.

11. Should the settlement instructions change, please notify Barclays immediately.

12. Endorsements

  • If a Bill of Exchange is drawn to your order, it must be blank endorsed on the reverse
  • If a Bill of Lading is drawn to the order of the shipper, it should be endorsed on the reverse by the shipper to allow another party to take possession of the goods.

13. This product is available to clients of Barclays Bank UK PLC through referral to Barclays. Referred products will be owned and administered by Barclays. A portion of the revenue generated from referred products may be shared with Barclays Bank UK PLC. Alternative service providers in the market may offer similar products.

14. From time to time and at Barclays’ sole discretion, we may conduct random checks and enquiries via our external agents and correspondents regarding certain aspects of trade transactions financed or proposed to be financed by us. This may include, but is not limited to, checks on maritime or over-land movements of goods, carriers, forwarding agents, warehouse agents and/or parties to trade transactions. By submitting an Export Collection, we hereby consent to Barclays conducting all such checks and enquiries. We will not charge you for any costs incurred by us in connection with any such checks and enquiries, nor will we be obliged to disclose any information we receive to you. It remains your full responsibility to conduct such enquiries and due diligence on your trade transactions as you consider necessary in all the circumstances.

15. By signing any collection instruction, you agree to indemnify Barclays, on demand, from and against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, damages, costs and expenses in relation to or arising out of or appearing to Barclays to arise out of, whether directly or indirectly, any Export Collection, save where the same arises as a direct result of the gross negligence of Barclays' own officers. You hereby irrevocably authorise Barclays to debit any of your accounts with held with any member of the Barclays Group (meaning Barclays PLC and any of its subsidiaries from time to time) all such payments, losses, costs, charges and expenses.

16. If your company is involved in international trade it is likely to be exposed to some form of foreign exchange risk arising from volatility in the foreign currency markets. Even companies that conduct their business in sterling, or trade within the UK only, are not immune from foreign currency fluctuations. Please contact your relationship team to see how Barclays can help manage your foreign exchange risks.

17. By signing any collection instruction, you agree not to undertake any business through Barclays involving (directly or indirectly) any country or entity subject to economic sanctions imposed from time to time by applicable United Kingdom, European Union, United States or United Nations authorities without Barclays’ prior written consent.

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