Foreign Exchange Services

Expand your international reach using our foreign exchange solutions.

How can FX solutions help your business?

  • Managing risk
    Our FX specialists can help you to manage your FX risk, now and for the future. Benefit from the expertise of our dedicated FX Specialists who can highlight potential risks when trading in new currencies and markets, as well as supporting you with a range of hedging solutions designed to mitigate FX risk

  • Global reach
    Our FX capabilities and specialist FX teams can support your business goals, with access to secure online FX execution in more than 100 currencies (varies by product and region)

  • Transparent pricing
    Get transparent, competitive pricing using live FX rates. Book guaranteed FX rates via our online channel to know your rate upfront. Receive FX rates based on your volumes and payment values to ensure our pricing matches your changing FX requirements.

Key product features and benefits of Foreign Exchange (FX)

FX Payments

FX Payment solutions allow you to easily facilitate cross-currency payments and receipts. You can send multi-currency payments from a single account, without having to manage multiple currency accounts. Use this solution to pay suppliers in their local currency. Barclays can automatically convert receipts for you.

FX Spots, FX Forwards and FX Swaps

Whether you are importing or exporting, a mid-corporate or large multinational, Barclays can help you to manage your FX exposure. Benefit from protection against adverse currency market fluctuations and stay informed about emerging market currencies. Manage your balance sheet FX exposure and gain a better understanding of the FX risks that could impact your business.

Managing your FX solutions


Reduce your operational costs and risk by using BARX NetFX, and transform the way you handle high levels of multi-currency activity. This automated FX risk management solution can give you greater cashflow control. Benefit from locked-in FX rates, and FX spreads agreed with you and reported on each transaction.

BARX Corporate

With the BARX Corporate FX trading platform you can manage FX simply, securely and instantly. Benefit from the flexibility of self-service functionality on this free platform. Tools including real-time FX rates streaming can help you make informed decisions. BARX Corporate also allows you to place treasury deposits online.

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Whether or not you know your FX requirements in detail, we can support you with our range of tools. We support businesses with a minimum turnover of £6.5 million.

Request a call back from our industry experts and see how they can help you develop bespoke strategies for managing your business FX.

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We offer a wide range of solutions to help you make the right decisions for your business.

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