In partnership with the FT Longitude

In partnership with FT Longitude

Regional business insights, hot off the press.

Regional Insights Webinar

Does your business have the insights it needs to thrive in diverse regional markets?

We recognise that you can’t always have the answers, so in partnership with FT Longitude, we went out in search for them – surveying businesses across every UK region and unlocking insights that hold the key to regional growth.

Catch a replay of our webinar in partnership with FT Longitude, below.

Our partnership

At Barclays Corporate Banking we have our feet on the ground, with local relationship teams across the UK. These teams and their specialist knowledge can help to support clients thrive in their community. To further deepen our insight, we’ve partnered with FT Longitude - the research arm of the Financial Times - to develop a new suite of thought leadership content. By surveying 352 senior UK business leaders with an equal representation across all UK regions, the research investigates how companies need to hold two perspectives:

1. The Big Picture: how are they capitalising on global, macro trends while managing the associated risks
2. Up Close: their deep connection and relationship with their local market.

Have a read of our seven new articles, each highlighting regional nuances in business strategies across the UK. Articles include how businesses are sourcing local talent, and the importance of both partnerships and the customer voice when expanding.


Regional commitment
We're committed to help you see the big picture, whilst staying in the detail

Our regional presence means that we can support your business right at the heart of the action. Using our local insight and knowledge, we’re able to provide the expertise where your business needs it most.

Andrea Delay

Head of Mid Corporate Banking, Barclays

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