Payment Services for Financial Institutions and FinTechs

Manage your payments swiftly, efficiently and with total transparency, providing flexibility for both you and your customers.

How can Payments services support your organisation?

  • Innovative payments
    Take the friction out of your payment chain: through our highly-automated but flexible payment architecture you can clear payments quickly and transparently

  • Improved cost efficiencies
    Advanced routing capabilities select the most efficient and cost-effective route for each payment, while our intelligent auto-repair solution can help to ensure straight-through processing of transactions

  • Flexible tariff scheme
    We provide direct and indirect access to all UK payment schemes and our global Relationship Management Application (RMA) network. Our flexible tariff schemes offer you a customisable solution, so you can execute, track and report on your clearing and payments in the way that best suits your business. Consult expert help whenever you need it – our specialist team is dedicated to financial institutions and FinTechs
  • Time efficient
    As a direct participant of payment forums and industry groups, we take a leading role in industry discussions. This allows us to help shape regulatory changes – and implement them into our own solutions.

Key product features and benefits

GBP Clearing

We support efficient clearing of your payments through direct access to every UK payment system – CHAPS, Faster Payment Service and cash & cheque. Flexible charging and billing options, competitive cut-off times and comprehensive reporting of balance and transactions can help you serve your clients better.

Global Currency Clearing

Extend your reach with the ability to make payments in over 120 currencies from UK accounts, or set up accounts in more than 40 currencies. Enjoy fast links to a 2,000-strong network of global banks and RMAs. You can also share the benefits of flexible pricing and competitive transaction deadlines with your clients.

Treasury Clearing

Benefit from our reach, supporting FIs with settlement in a range of systems, such as Continual Linked Settlement (CLS), CREST, LCH, Lloyds and more.

Indirect Access Solutions

Gain a competitive edge by giving your customers access to all major payment schemes as a seamless, fully-integrated part of your business. Agency bank access gives you the full functionality of a clearing bank through Barclays. This includes direct access to all UK clearing systems at a lower cost, and without the need for operational upgrades.

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