Technology, Media and Telecoms

Technology, Media and Telecoms

With dedicated teams across the sector, we’ll help your business be the star of the show.

Big Picture Banking

Uniting people and machines

The power of AI

The power of AI

How companies are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive growth.

A connected world

A connected world

Looking at the opportunities provided by the Internet of Things and how IoT can help organisations make data-informed decisions.

Client advantages

As well as a dedicated Relationship Director, you can access industry networking opportunities, market-leading research and insight, plus a range of innovative financing and banking solutions to support your next steps for growth. 

Partner with specialists in your area

To meet the particular needs and challenges of your business, we maintain three teams with a deep sector focus.

  • Technology

    Our dedicated technology team provides banking and financing solutions to many FTSE 350 computer and software companies, as well as leading data centre businesses in Europe. See below for sector challenges and opportunities.

    High Growth & Innovative Companies:

    • High number of companies forging new business models and seeking to expand in overseas markets
    • Make sure you’re tapping into the right banking expertise to help you achieve your goals.

    AI & Software:

    • AI is increasingly integral to many businesses
    • Software companies focussed on this new technology have an opportunity to really scale.
  • Media

    Thirty years ago, Barclays was the first UK bank to establish a dedicated media team. Today, we offer specialist expertise in areas including TV or film production, broadcasting, publishing, marketing services and all aspects of live and recorded music. See below for sector challenges and opportunities.


    • Year of the SVoDs as Netflix, Amazon and others compete for share of viewers
    • Having enough content to attract and retain viewers
    • Competition between production companies to produce content as demand increases
    • Innovative funding solutions to support payment terms increase.

    Marketing Services | The Big 6:

    • Technology is increasingly playing a role in this market.
    • The FAANGS have made significant in-roads and very often go direct to the brands.
    • How the big 6 responds to changing sector
    • Smaller advertising/ad-tech companies need to flourish in the future.
  • Telecoms

    Having provided dedicated corporate banking to telecoms businesses for over 15 years, we understand the competitiveness and complexity of this sector. See below for sector challenges and opportunities.

    • The UK is accelerating the rate at which fibre is deployed across the country to improve the digital experience
    • The capex involved can be significant and a diversified funding model should be explored 
    • Telecoms service companies need to stay ahead in the race to serve their clients and ensure they are using all of the latest technology.

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2023 Sector Outlook

Technology, Media and Telecoms

Our Head of Technology, Media and Telecoms, Helena Sans, explores some of the key forces likely to shape the sector this year, not least its journey to net zero.


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