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As the first UK bank to have a dedicated technology, media and telecoms team, Barclays provides the experience, insight and solutions to help forward-looking businesses stay ahead.

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Barclays Tech Stories

Read Barclays tech stories and discover how UK-based tech businesses have reached new heights with genuinely disruptive innovation.


5G: A transformative technology

How the next network upgrade could supercharge your business and the UK economy. 5G could supercharge the UK economy by up to £15.7bn per year by 2025.


New Frontiers Blog

How will innovation impact the way we live, think and work? Our New Frontiers blog series explores this question and what it means for businesses.


Building brands better

The future looks bright for brands and marketers that can ride the digital ‘wave’ and deliver solutions.


Infinite Content

In partnership with Barclays, broadcast launched the Future of Content survey in September 2021, calling on its readers to share their views. Leaders in production companies, distributors, public service broadcasters, individual creatives and freelancers together paint a picture of a sector.


Technology, Media and Telecoms Sector Outlook

Ian Bain expects the UK’s trailblazing tech and media companies to continue their upward trajectory of growth and success this year. Likewise, Industry Director LC, Lee Everson says the UK’s high-growth technology companies look set to continue to thrive in 2022.

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As well as a dedicated Relationship Director, you can access industry networking opportunities, market-leading research and insight, plus a range of innovative financing and banking solutions to support your next steps for growth. 

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To meet the particular needs and challenges of your business, we maintain three teams with a deep sector focus.

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