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Podcast: In the frame

Listen in to business leaders from across the UK sharing their inspiring stories.

No sector or region is immune from challenges. In each episode we stop off at a different location, putting a client in the frame. Get insights to inspire your own business as we delve into the issues they’ve faced – and the big picture strategies that led to success. Subscribe and listen to our ‘In the frame’ podcast series on:
Tailored Image in Belfast

‘Designed for success’ with Tailored Image

With the decline of Northern Ireland’s textile and garment industry, Celia and Bernard Birt had a decision to make – move overseas to follow the opportunities or create their own at home. More than 25 years later, they are managing their own successful business specialising in corporate uniform design across a number of diverse industries. Pin back your ears, as we unravel their story and hear how they are weaving innovation throughout the fabric of their business.

Stockvale Group in Southend-on-Sea

‘Adventure Island chronicles’ with Stockvale Group

Get ready for an adrenaline-packed ride into the world of Philip Miller MBE – owner and CEO of the Stockvale Group. With a number of diverse, but linked, businesses - including the iconic Adventure Island theme park, bars & restaurants, a ‘zooquarium’, Radio Essex, and a property development portfolio - he shares his thoughts and experiences on the ups and downs of his professional life. Here’s your free ticket to the tale of an East End boy who built a Southend-on-Sea family empire and those who have helped him on the way.

Little Ripley Day Nurseries in Birmingham

‘Doing it the Ripley way’ with Little Ripley Day Nurseries

In 1987, when district nurse, Ruth Appleby, was looking to place her children into childcare, she saw an opportunity in her local area. 36 years later, her business operates 16 nurseries, each with a good or outstanding rating from Ofsted. As well as working with a number of family members, she maintains a very loyal workforce and even employs staff who were toddlers at the first site she opened. So, how has she achieved this business growth whilst balancing standards with fees, and maintaining loyalty and trust from both staff and clients alike? Tune in to learn about the ‘Ripley way’.

Tudor Hotels in Bodmin

‘Transforming the past for the future’ with Tudor Hotels Collection

What happens when a passion for history and storytelling collides with the hospitality & leisure industry? Rob Cox, CEO, talks to us about the development of the heritage sites in their collection, including the trials and rewards of transforming an 18th century derelict prison into a luxury hotel and visitor attraction. The ethos of this business is to give guests an experience which can be educational, emotional and will stay with them for life, underpinned by both luxury and sustainability. But is this all achievable? Listen in to find out.

The Glasshouse International Centre for Music in Gateshead

‘Setting the right tone’ with The Glasshouse International Centre for Music

This cultural music venue based in the northeast of England is run as a charity for music lovers of all sorts, but it can’t rely on tickets sales alone. It needs to provide a diversified offering and evolve to remain relevant to audiences young and old. Sara Vening, Director of Finance and People at The Glasshouse ICM talks to us about the business strategy, product development and brand evolution that ensures The Glasshouse ICM remains a place where music lives and grows. See them in action at The People’s Requiem Celebration.

Mala in London

‘Navigating change’ with Mala Engineering Limited

From economic recessions, wars and a global pandemic, to developing technology, sustainability and diversity opportunities, there are multiple challenges and changes in the wider world that businesses need to navigate. We speak to Lee Spong, Financial Director of MALA Engineering, about her experiences – not just about how MALA is evolving for the future and the strategies it adopts to protect itself financially in challenging times, but also how it feels being a woman in a traditionally male-dominated sector.

Lake Chemicals and Minerals in Redditch

‘Building a team for growth’ with Lake Chemicals & Minerals Limited

When you’re growing a company, you need the right team around you. But how do you evolve and build that team to keep pace with the company’s progression? What strategies can you put in place to ensure the team moves forward with a shared mindset that allows the business to flourish? On this episode, Steven Cartlidge, Managing Director, talks to us about his business, Lake – the growth journey, its innovative learning management system and much more besides.

Wemyss Development Company in Edinburgh

'Diversifying the risk’ with Wemyss Development Company

The Wemyss business has been operating not just through the generations, but through the centuries too. So, what’s the family secret to success? In this episode, William Wemyss talks openly about the history of the business and their approach to risk management, growth and sustainability. Tracing back to the 16th century, the business has more recently diversified its operations, and risk, into renewable energy, superfood farming, property development, whisky distilling and even owns a vineyard – spread across several continents. The breadth of this business is extraordinary and William has a wealth of insights to share.

BLK BOX in Belfast

'Fit for the challenge' with BLK BOX

When his local Gaelic football team received less-than-ideal support from a gym equipment supplier, it sparked an idea in Greg Bradley. In just 11 years, he has built a business that now serves some of the biggest global sports brand names, as well as many elite sports clubs. We delve into the challenges faced along the way and explore the strategies that have strengthened and defined BLK BOX to keep clients coming back year after year.

precious in Hemel Hempstead

‘Preparing for the next stage’ with Precious Homes

In this episode, Mitesh Dhanak – founder of Precious Homes – takes us on his career journey, from his own beginnings in banking, to opening his first learning disability home, and now to the day-to-day running of over sixty units nationwide. We explore the challenges facing the healthcare sector and, importantly, how Mitesh has navigated these by creating the right organisational culture, striving for quality and maintaining talent in his team.

Gwalia Healthcare in Cardff

'Resilience’ with Gwalia Healthcare

From the loss of a major customer, to the devastation caused by Storm Dennis and then straight onto Covid-19, Rod Parker, Managing Director of Gwalia Healthcare, tells us about the most stressful period of his life. Listen to his captivating story of resilience and hear how he found opportunities in adversity to grow his business and thrive.

Gordano Support Group in Bristol

‘A family-run business’ with Gordano Support Group

In this episode, we explore the dynamics of a family-run business with Jonathan Bull, Director. As part of the 2nd generation, he shares his experiences of evolving the business for growth whilst staying true to the values set by the founder. We also touch on Jon’s passion for sustainability and how he’s bringing the rest of the team on that journey.

Evolve in Wigan

‘Funding an acquisition’ with Evolve

When Evolve acquired a new business, it fast-forwarded by three years and improved the service they could offer customers compared to the organic growth route. In this episode, CEO Alan Stephenson-Brown shares open and honest insight on what the process really involved. Has your business got what it takes?

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