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We provide corporate banking services to UK businesses with an annual turnover of over £5 million, and to large local companies, financial institutions and multinationals in non-UK markets.

If you have a turnover of less than £5m please visit Business Banking (opens in a new window) or call 0800 515 4621

Raise Finance

Asset Finance

Finance to help you fund new equipment or vehicles, enabling you to maximise performance or growth.

Corporate Lending

Benefit from a wide range of finance products to grow your business, recapitalise, refinance and consolidate debt.

Supplier Finance

Optimise your cash and working capital management as well as reduce supply chain risk with this web-based platform.

Working Capital

Ease cashflow fluctuations with a range of products that can support you in covering everyday expenses or planning for growth.

I want to:

Refinance My Business

Our industry specialists take a holistic view of your business, tailoring financial packages around your requirements.

Finance A New Business Asset

We offer financing options to purchase assets such as vehicles, equipment and machinery, supporting business growth without tying up capital reserves.

Acquire Another Business

Our acquisition finance options are developed by specialists, for a range of purchases from franchisee and mid-corporate acquisitions to larger MBOs and M&As.

Financing fast growth: venture capital vs debt

Sean Duffy, Head of Technology, Media and Telecoms, Corporate Banking at Barclays, discusses venture capital, debt products, and where they could figure in your growth plans. Read the article.

Protect My Business

Foreign Exchange

Reduce the risk of exchange rate volatility and benefit from our sector professionals who can offer you relevant products.

Interest Rates

Manage your exposure and sensitivity to interest rate movements with our range of hedging strategies.

I want to:

Manage My Interest Rate and FX Risk

We offer a range of services to help manage your risk exposure.

Premier League

The Barclays Premier League is now viewed in 212 territories worldwide and Barclays has been sole provider of comprehensive banking services since the League’s formation in 1992. Find more about their experience with Barclays.

How to build a fraud resilient business

Experts discuss current trends in fraud – whether by employees or outsiders – and the steps businesses can take to minimise their exposure. Read more.

Trade Internationally

Bonds, Guarantees and Indemnities

Demonstrate your financial credibility and tender competitively for business with bonds and guarantees issued by Barclays.

LC Discounting

Improve your cashflow by receiving money due to you under a Letter of Credit.

Letters of Credit

Securely settle overseas trade by protecting yourself against payment default and trading risks.

Trade Collections

Receive and make payments efficiently and securely for your exports and imports.

Trade Finance

Improve your cashflow and your trading potential both in the UK and overseas.

Trade Loans

Improve your cashflow by paying your supplier promptly for your purchases or imports.

I want to:

Expand My Business Internationally

Our international trade finance products and services help mitigate the risks of international expansion and maximise working capital.

Trade Overseas

Our global operational services, capabilities and experience can help you trade overseas effectively and securely, regardless of your experience in this area.

Barclays’ Africa Trade Index

Find out more about opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Your guide to going global

Turn the business benefits of exporting to your advantage.

Manage Cash & Payments

Cash Pooling

Optimise the efficiency of your working capital with our Cash Pooling techniques.

Corporate Accounts

Access your funds through our broad range of corporate accounts, in support of your everyday banking needs.

Liquidity Management

Improve the management of your surplus cash through our suite of day-to-day and long-term deposit products.

Online Banking Services

Automate your domestic and global cash management to help mitigate risk and ensure payment security.

Payment and Collections

Access an extensive range of products and services to support your organisation in initiating and receiving payments efficiently.


Provide your customers with a secure and convenient way to pay, while making reconciliation easy with our mobile payments service.

SEPA Direct Debits

Streamline the way you collect payments from Europe with a single Direct Debit service for all 34 SEPA countries.

I want to:

Manage My Cash More Effectively

We offer flexible services for cash management, including optimising access to group liquidity, managing foreign currencies and handling payments.

Best New Innovation Award

Pingit – donate with Gift Aid has been named best new innovation by the Institute of Fundraising. Read more.

Understanding SEPA

SEPA is a single payment market of 33 countries in Europe, which allows consumers and businesses to make and receive payments across the area as easily as within current national borders today. Learn how Barclays can support your business’ migration to SEPA.

Sector Expertise

Link to Sector Expertise webpage. Image of Corporate Banking Relationship Director and Adam Bellamy, CFO, Pure Gym standing next to the Pure Gym logo.

As the first UK bank to introduce sector expertise, our clients benefit from our sector teams and industry research.

Read about our Sector Expertise

UK Presence

Link to more information about our UK and Ireland Presence. Image of Martin Dalby, CEO Center Parcs and Barclays Relationship Director.

Your business can benefit from our in-depth UK regional knowledge and experience.

Read about our presence in your region

Global Reach

Link to Global Presence webpage. Image of a large digger.

Your business can benefit from our in-depth global knowledge and experience.

Read about our Global Presence