Liquidity Management

Maximise the potential of your liquidity with our range of solutions to help optimise returns on your cash deposits.

How can liquidity products support your business?

  • Save time and increase effectiveness
    By reducing manual processes, liquidity management can help you manage and monitor your financial position while freeing up time to focus on your business. Corporate bank accounts can ensure your day-to-day activities run smoothly – and ringfence any client money you might be holding, providing a true picture of your liquidity

  • Grow your business
    From optimising interest on your balances, to reducing charges and ensuring the right access to your liquidity, our solutions can also enhance your operations and help your business grow

  • Maximise cash potential
    Our Cash Concentration and Notional Pooling solutions could help to optimise the interest on your accounts through the physical movement or notional offsetting of balances. Our solutions can give you a true picture of your liquidity, as well as help you to automate and streamline processes to maximise the potential of your cash
  • Streamlined solutions
    Our liquidity products can help to reduce borrowing costs by promoting effective working capital management; streamlining and automating your treasury activities to further reduce direct and in-direct costs.

Key product features and benefits

Current Account

The foundation for every client’s business is their current account, which underpins day-to-day activities. Our Current Account provides simple access to funds, the full range of payment types and real-time balance reporting.

Client Account

For businesses that need to hold client funds, our Client Account helps you to quickly see which funds are yours and which belong to clients – providing you with an accurate picture of your true cash position.

Business Premium Account

Our Business Premium Account can help if you have surplus funds which aren't required on a day-to-day basis, but you may still need to access instantly. This can support you in reacting quickly to cashflow changes, whilst also providing a competitive interest rate.

Cash Concentration

Cash concentration allows you to physically pool the balances of your accounts into a centralised account, optimising the management of your cash and liquidity – streamlining and automating your treasury and daily cash activities, reducing administration, removing, or reducing overdraft charges and maximising credit interest.

Credit Balance Aggregation

Notionally aggregate, without physical movement of funds, your credit balances across multiple accounts to improve your credit interest return and reduce administrative and manual-intervention time and costs.

Notional Pooling

Notional pooling enables the netting of balances, without the physical movement of funds, to help you maximise interest opportunities and optimise working capital. It can centralise the management of your cash and offset balances, credit and debit, reducing overdraft costs as well as streamlining treasury.

Fund Investments

Fund Investments, seamlessly accessed within Barclays iPortal, enables eligible clients to instruct, view and manage investments in a selection of Money Market Funds, offered through Barclays Private Bank enabling clients to effectively manage counterparty risk. Investment Rules, a functionality within Fund Investments, allows clients to automate their trades by creating rules. These rules monitor balances which automatically generate trades based on the parameters set.

Term Deposit

Available in a wide range of currencies, Barclays Term Deposits offer fixed returns over different periods. You can choose periods from one day and above to suit your business requirements, minimum balances vary by term and are available upon request. Term Deposits could potentially attract higher returns than instant access products.

Notice Deposit Accounts

Notice Deposit Accounts give you competitive rates of interest, tracking external reference rates. Different notice periods are available to suit your needs and a pre and post notice margin will be agreed at the time of the initial deposit of funds.

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