Working Capital

Quickly release funds and deploy working capital for growth with our range of solutions.

How can working capital support your business?

  • Manage cashflow
    While overdrafts are the most commonly used tool to cover day-to-day operational needs, our receivables financing products offer more specialised solutions and potentially higher funding levels

  • Mitigate risk Your growth can often depend on your clients’ and suppliers’ performance. Options within our suite of products can enable you to mitigate against these third-party risks. They can safeguard your working capital by providing protection against defaulting customers and could also support with the financial sustainability of your suppliers
  • Build trust with suppliers
    Supply chain financing is an increasingly popular way for corporates and their suppliers to gain mutual benefits. We can enhance your relationships with your suppliers by offering an early discounted payment. This can help to free up your suppliers cashflow and secure the sustainability and longevity of your joint trading ecosystem.

Key product features and benefits

Confidential Invoice Discounting

Solves the cashflow gap caused by credit terms from when you raise an invoice, to when it is paid. Get advance funding for up to 90% of the value of your approved invoices. Your clients will be unaware of the finance relationship with Barclays, so you continue to maintain the direct relationship with your customers. As your sales grow, so does the finance available, meaning slow payments won’t restrict your growth. Optional bad debt protection can add further peace of mind.

Selective Receivables Finance

Free up cash from your debtor book, through the sale of selective receivables. Your credit risk is reduced – Barclays takes on the debtor’s credit risk, and the finance could remain off balance sheet (subject to your auditor’s opinion). Available across many jurisdictions, this product is limited to agreed invoices for up to 10 approved debtors.


Give your business more flexibility by choosing an overdraft. Use it in a way that suits you, from dealing with unexpected costs to day-to-day expenses. Our overdrafts are easy to set up through most business current accounts, helping you manage your short-term working capital funding requirements.

Making Payments

Take total control of your spending. Our suite of solutions helps streamline your supplier payment systems and makes it convenient to manage your employees’ travel, fuel and other expenses. The data is captured and displayed in your system, allowing you to smooth the peaks and troughs of spending and help keep working capital flowing.

Selective Debtor Finance

Improve cash flow linked to your key debtors. Boost your working capital by obtaining up to 100% on your largest debtors. Credit risk sits with the debtor, so your funding costs may be reduced for lower-risk debtors, such as government bodies or corporates with a strong external rating.

Supplier Finance

Support the financial health of your suppliers by enabling them to join your supplier finance programme. Suppliers will benefit from improved cash flow, which in turn strengthens the viability of your supply chain and could reduce this risk to your business.

Trade Loan

Bridge the gap between your payments to suppliers, and income from customers. A Barclays trade loan ensures you can pay suppliers on time. Free up your working capital so you can invest in business growth.

Asset-Based Lending

Benefit from the value of your assets to achieve greater liquidity and pursue new growth opportunities with asset-based lending. Borrowing against your existing business assets such as inventory, machinery or receivables can be an efficient way to raise funds to make the most of new opportunities, restructuring existing financing or meeting your seasonal business needs.

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