Payments and Collections

Barclays is leading the way in innovative, secure and efficient ways to make, collect and process payments. Through innovative mobile and electronic solutions, we’re committed to making payment simpler, faster and safer for you and your customers.

 Solutions for your business

  • Access a range of domestic and international products and services, giving you flexibility to meet your specific payment and collection needs
  • Our payments services include Bacs, CHAPS and Faster Payments.
  • Cheque Image Clearing System Cheque Image Clearing System

    From autumn 2018, all UK banks have introduced a new image-based cheque clearing system – aiming to make cheques a secure and convenient future payment method.

    The new system means that:

    • Cheques can clear faster with funds being made available within two business days of the cheque being received by Barclays (Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays)
    • If you issue a cheque, funds will also leave your account faster
    • Potentially more choice in how you pay in cheques – watch out for updates from Barclays on new deposit channels.

    Barclays offers a number of cheque issuing and depositing services that we will bring into line with the new Image Clearing System.

    If you use any of these services, we will be in touch to explain the changes we will be implementing. Please contact your Relationship Director for more details.

  • Send a Payment Send a Payment

    Send immediate electronic payments to customers, even if you don’t have their bank account details using Barclay’s unique Send a Payment mobile service.

    How it works

    • Payment can be made either on the basis of a customer’s Barclays debit card number or mobile phone number 
    • For mobile numbers, we look up the number in an industry-wide database detailing millions of customers who have linked their phone number to their bank account (Paym^) 
    • For Barclays debit card numbers, we look up the customer’s bank account details in Barclays’ own database.

    Benefits for your business

    You can embed Send a Payment into your own website or payment systems – offering the following benefits:

    • Reduces your use of cheques, which can be an expensive and time consuming
    • Speeds  up payment – recipients typically receive the payment in less than two hours
    • By not collecting account numbers and sort codes, it reduces the customer personal data you need to hold – and therefore your data protection requirements
    • Both the mobile and the debit card versions are available via the same API^.

    Benefits for your customers

    Send a Payment can improve your customers’ experience by making payments:

    Quicker - Faster than card or cheque, with payment going straight into the customer’s bank account

    Safer - No sharing of card or account details

    Easier - No need to deposit a cheque or complete lengthy online payment forms.

    Watch our 'Send a payment' video

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  • Payments Payments

    Choose from a wide range of methods that can make initiating or receiving payments more efficient.

    Is it right for you?

    • You can make or take domestic or international payments through the service that most closely meets your business needs
    • You can choose from automated payments to paper-based payments, giving you flexibility.

    How it works

    • Through a range of UK and international payment services, you can send any amount to virtually anywhere in the world, electronically or by paper1
    • Gives you peace of mind, with electronic and automated services providing a high level of security
    • Enables you to benefit from associated advantages, such as enhanced control or process efficiencies
    • Gives you access to our Cash Management specialists, who can work with you to tailor certain services to your needs.
  • Cash Processing Cash Processing

    Support all your cash handling needs with our extensive range of cash processing services. You can choose to deposit your cash at your local Barclays branch or have it delivered to a central Barclays location using a Cash-in-Transit carrier company.

    Is it right for you?

    • You frequently receive large amounts of cash - but cannot hold it securely on your premises
    • You want to realise the value of your cash takings as soon as you can
    • You are looking for a secure method to deposit your cash.

    How it supports your business

    • Provides secure and convenient methods of depositing your cash and cheques
    • Gives you a range of delivery methods, including direct to cash centres, branch counters, in-branch self-service, and night safe devices
    • Provides enhanced security for depositing through bar-coded, self-seal, tamper-evident wallets
    • Can often be integrated with your existing security provider and existing processes.

    Important information

    If you use a night safe device, the contents will be processed on the following business day.

    The products referred to in this section are subject to separate terms and conditions.

  • Collections Collections

    Use our extensive range of paper-based and electronic collections services to manage payments from customers.

    Is it right for you?

    • Your customers are looking for quicker and more convenient ways to pay you
    • You want to improve reconciliation and reduce administration
    • You want to give your customers flexibility and choice in how they pay you
    • You want greater control over the ways in which you receive funds
    • You want to centralise your European Direct Debit collections.

    How it supports your business

    • Helps you control and predict cashflow by providing more payment collection certainty
    • Enables you to automate payment collection  – including electronic regular payments using the Direct Debit service
    • Provides your customers  with an easy, trusted Direct Debit payment method, protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee
    • Sterling and currency cheques can be deposited straight into your accounts
    • On transferring your business to Barclays, you can keep your Bacs third-party software.

    Payment Acceptance

    We provide a choice of end-to-end payment acceptance solutions that enable our clients to accept card payments face to face, online, by mail order or over the telephone.

    Important information

    The products referred to in this section are subject to separate terms and conditions.

    There are terms and conditions associated with becoming a Direct Debit Originator – please speak to your Relationship Team for more details.

  • Pay a Bill Pay a Bill

    Enables you to offer customers an easy way to pay their bills. By including personalized QR codes on bills, renewal letters/emails, customers can simply scan the QR code and pay using the Pingit app. It’s easy for the customer and each payment carries the reference information required for reconciliation upon receipt.

    Benefits for your business:

    1. Reduce  reconciliation costs and efforts – unique customer reference data can be embedded into the QR code which will automatically be shown on payment reports
    2. Save on Processing Cost –  can be a substitute for cheques and card payments, helping to remove cheque processing costs or reduce interchange costs
    3. Receive SMS notifications – embedding a mobile number into the QR code allows you to receive a SMS notification when a payment is made, which could help with stock management.  
    4. Drive up Customer Satisfaction - by offering a payment method which allows customers to pay easily with their mobile phone, any time, anywhere.

    Benefits for your customers:

    1. Quick and secure payments - no longer have to type account numbers and sort codes, customers can have peace of mind they are sending the payment to the right company.  
    2. Time-saving -  no longer have to wait in queues or on the phone to make payments. Payment amount and customer reference(s) are automatically populated on Pingit
    3. No need to remember passwords – no longer have to remember individual account details and passwords to make online payments
    4. Be in charge of regular payments – as an alternative to Direct Debits, customers can have more control over their bills / invoices, allowing better financial management. 
  • Forms of Payments Forms of Payments

    Use our electronic forms below to make:

    • Same-day payments  using CHAPS
    • Barclays International payments
    • SEPA Credit Transfers (SCTs).

    How to use the forms

    Complete the appropriate form on screen, then print off and sign it. Please send your completed form to us using the directions provided.

    Excel-format payment forms

    PDF guides to completing the payment templates

    Editable PDF-format payment forms

    If you are unable to access the Excel-format payment forms, please use these editable PDF1 versions.

    International Bank Account Numbers

    Generate and validate IBANs with us online

    Important information

    Please note that all procedures relating to the completion and submission of the CHAPS and international payments remain unchanged.

    As per Payment Services Regulations 2017, from 13 January 2018 any intra EU/EEA payments must be submitted with the SHA charging code. If you submit an intra EU/EEA payment with the OUR charge code we will convert this into SHA charge code.

  • Payment Systems - Indirect Access Payment Systems - Indirect Access

    We support payment service providers (PSPs) seeking to provide their own customers with services to transfer funds within the UK. We do so by providing PSPs with indirect access to the UK payment schemes. Barclays has subscribed to the voluntary Code of Conduct for Indirect Access Providers since 30 September 2015, including the current version which was published in March 20181.

    You can choose from two types of indirect access:

    Agency bank access

    You are given your own sort code and can provide your customers with their own unique account number on that sort code.

    This provides access to all UK clearing systems (see table below), allows you to appear as a UK clearing bank in your own right, and provides all the advantages of direct access without the high costs and operational requirements.

    Eligibility: For agency bank access, you must be a payment services provider as laid down in the Payment Services Regulations 2017. Further eligibility criteria will include assessments for anti-money laundering, credit risk, procedural capability for scheme compliance and technical capability.

    Non-agency access

    You are given a settlement account in our books and typically identify your underlying beneficiary customer for payments by the reference in the payment instruction. This allows you to make and receive a variety of payments including Faster Payments, Bacs and CHAPS via Barclays.

    Eligibility: Eligibility criteria for non-agency access will depend upon the precise services you require but will include assessments for anti-money laundering and credit risk.

    Which UK payment systems can you access?

    Agency BanksDeposit - taking institutions

    Agency BanksElectronic money institutions

    Agency BanksAuthorised payment institutions

    Non-agency All3

    Faster payments





    Submission of FPS by Agency Bank’s Corporates















    Submission of Bacs by Agency Bank’s Corporates





    Cheque Image Clearing





    1 The Voluntary Code of Conduct for Indirect Access Providers (PDF 335KB)

    2 Access to payments via a sort code in the name of the Agency Bank

    3 Access to payments via a Barclays account

    What we can offer

    We tailor our services and pricing to your individual requirements. The types of service we offer are shown on the following PDF:

    Open the 'types of service' (PDF 711KB)†


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What can payments and collections do for you?


Make UK or international payments efficiently through our payments products and services, offering a choice of delivery methods and timescales.


Receive payments through our range of paper-based and electronic collections services. Benefit from the ability to better control and predict your cashflow.

Read the Cash Handling article (PDF 1.5MB)†

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