Barclays’ automated foreign exchange platform BARX NetFX helps the global online marketplace manage the FX risks of offering local currency pricing across multiple markets.

In partnership with financial solutions provider Camel Financial, global online marketplace DHGate.com connects 2 million Chinese consumer goods suppliers to customers in over 230 countries, selling over 40 million products.

Keen to allow buyers to pay easily online in their preferred local currency, Camel Financial sought a means to offer multi-currency pricing while minimising its own exposure to FX risk.

Working closely with Barclays, BARX NetFX, a fully automated service that can handle large volumes of FX transactions was identified as the optimal solution.

By providing FX rates that are held for a set period of time, BARX NetFX allows FX risks from selling online in multiple currencies to be passed directly to Barclays.

Since integrating BARX NetFX, DHGate.com has seen strong international sales growth. It’s now exploring how it can work with Barclays to support further initiatives.

Powering FX Payments for DHGate.com PDF†(2.9MB).

Barclays understands our business and was able to offer a solution that has helped Camel Financial and DHgate maintain its brand reputation and provide a great customer experience, whilst ensuring we manage FX volatility.

Jeffrey Zang

Director of National Business Unit, Camel Financial


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