Foreign Exchange

Barclays has helped corporate clients manage exposure to currency and interest rate movements for decades. From balance-sheet analysis to hedging solutions, we can help you assess and address foreign exchange (FX) and rates risks across your business.

Managing your foreign exchange risk

Whether you are an importer, exporter or large multinational, Barclays can help you to:

  • Protect against adverse currency market fluctuations
  • Manage your balance sheet FX exposure – and identify contingent or uncertain FX exposures
  • Know more about emerging market currencies
  • Develop a treasury policy for FX using our detailed market insight
  • Understand the FX risks that sit behind your M&A and disposal activities.

Managing your interest rate exposure

Alongside your FX risks, Barclays can assess your exposure to interest-rate fluctuations.

Our rates specialists can work with you to devise strategies to help to:

  • Protect against unexpected interest rate increases or volatility in your short-term borrowing
  • Manage your fixed and floating-rate liabilities
  • Lock in financing costs ahead of funding
  • Diversify away from floating-rate exposure.

Useful links

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Barclays Bank base rates

Access historic Barclays Bank base rates. The current Barclays Bank base rate is 4.00% as of 02/02/2023.

Foreign exchange support


BARX Corporate

The complete self-service FX trading solution for your business, delivering real-time trading in spot, forward and swap transactions in over 55 currencies.



Manage all your multi-currency transactions with BARX NetFX’s automated FX risk management – giving you greater control over FX spreads, cashflows and costs.

Important information

The products referred to in this webpage are subject to separate terms and conditions.

Current and historic Bank of England Base Rates and effective dates are available at www.bankofengland.co.uk^.

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Foreign Exchange

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