Cash Management Solutions

Manage cash across your whole business efficiently and effectively with our extensive range of services and solutions. We can help streamline processes, optimise returns and automate everyday tasks to ensure cost-effective management of all your cash and working capital.

Solutions for your business

  • Improve the efficiency of your working capital with advanced cash pooling
  • Optimise performance of your surplus cash using day-to-day and longer-term deposits
  • Assure efficient issuance and receipt of payments worldwide
  • Automate domestic and global cash management to mitigate risk and ensure payment security
  • Access domestic and international treasury management solutions to manage liquidity, mitigate risk, ensure payment security and integrate fully with your treasury management systems.

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What can cash management do for you?

Making and receiving payments

  • Access a range of ways to deposit cheques and cash, from collection by your security company to using our extensive branch network
  • Make and receive payments through domestic and international payment mechanisms – including BACS, CHAPS, Faster Payments, SEPA and Pingit. You can make and receive international payments in all tradeable currencies.

Managing liquidity

  • Boost your returns and reduce administration by aggregating balances across multiple accounts using our notional pooling service
  • Utilise a range of flexible interest apportionment services to allocate interest and set internal rates of return in a way to suit your business
  • Arrange automated sweeping of funds between Barclays and partner banks, both domestically and cross-border.1

Important information

The products referred to in this webpage are subject to separate terms and conditions.

1 Subject to availability of service.

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