Your bid for growth funds

Your Bid for Growth Funds

19 June 2017

What choice of business funding options do you have? How can you best maximise your chance of a successful funding application?

Plan and apply for business funding

We review a range of options available to businesses looking for financing and provide a checklist for you to consider when reviewing your strategic growth plans. Barclays is committed to making finance readily available to growing businesses and we see the funding process as a joint venture with our clients.

We set out factors that Barclays considers when reviewing borrowing applications from businesses operating with an annual turnover of, typically, £6.5m to £25m, and the broad lending principles which we follow.

We explain how to prepare your application, how it will be assessed and the criteria that are considered and some of the funding solutions that may be available to you.

Video content includes an explanation of our approach to financing by Karl Nolson, Head of Debt Finance at Barclays. Sean Duffy, Head of Technology, Media & Telecomms, summarises our lending to high-growth businesses and client Green Man Gaming talks about their requirement for flexible funding and how Barclays has supported them.

Read the ‘Your bid for growth funds’ PDF 3.08MB †

Finding the right funding at the right time – Karl Nolson, Head of Debt Finance explains Barclays’ approach.