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ESG: three letters shaping corporate conversation globally.

Understanding how you can apply Environmental, Social and Governance strategies to your business isn't always clear cut.

75% of UK businesses1 understand the value of complying with ESG rules and regulations, and many corporates are currently grappling with their transition to a low-carbon economy, and how to better track their ESG impact.

No matter how far along your organisation is on its ESG journey, Barclays is here to help. Our hub can provide the tools and insights to help your organisation understand the bigger picture, and support your transition to a more sustainable future.


Joseph Michael Daniels [00:00:02] I remember running out of electric, putting my emergency key in, having zero money, in debt I think for rent like two months. And I put the key in and it was already on the emergency and that was the start of what became one of the most traumatic experiences I could have ever had. It’s a spiral because the cost of living and the amount that you need to live in and survive effectively you’re constantly in this debt cycle. It’s you’re choosing electric, your choosing food, choosing quality food, and then you’re choosing rent. Next thing you know, they kicked me out. My stuff’s outside the front, had nowhere to go. Couldn’t really get hold of many people. Didn’t even have credit on my phone at the time and then spent a cold, cold few nights  in the park.

Jon Spatz [00:00:51] Hello.

Alex Rius [00:00:51] Hello. Nice to meet you.

Jon Spatz [00:00:53] Okay. Ready to go?

Alex Rius [00:00:55] Etopia is trying to make construction to evolve. This is the next generation. Remember about 40% of the emissions are coming from this industry. We are very responsible in what we’re doing, so we need to change the way we are doing things.

Eleni Polychroniadou [00:01:07] I think what Etopia is doing is really trying to change the perception of what a green home is and really looking at that intersection of affordability and green. Changing the way that things have been done and really looking at a different business model that can tie the two together and make it accessible.

Lee Mcardle [00:01:22] You need to be able to have a home that will produce enough energy to be able to look after you rather than just keep piling money into a home. It needs very little to heat, it keeps your electric bills down. These houses are really the next step forward.

Joseph Michael Daniels [00:01:34] Having a roof over your head, having security, having people, having a life, having a family, these things are important to your development as a person. When you feel lost and you feel powerless and homeless. You feel like you're not a poor society. You feel like people don't care. This is it man. This is where I slept, this is where I spend a fair few nights, October, freezing cold.

Jason Constable [00:01:55] I get a real sense of personal and professional pride in backing companies like Etopia. We can lend our guidance and support in many ways, be that through mentoring all the way through to financial investment, in terms of really helping some businesses like this grow and prosper and really take them to the next level so they can really deliver on their ambitious plans.

Alisdair Gayne [00:02:15] Unreasonable Impact is a unique partnership that we've built over the last six years and it's a programme that we're incredibly proud of at Barclays. We're trying to back real world commercial solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges.

Lee Mcardle [00:02:29] An Etopia house is very cheap to run, so I should be able to afford it. Our technology is very cutting edge, but it's affordable.

Joseph Michael Daniels [00:02:38] Home is where the heart is, and I think me not having that has made me focus so much on building that and making it available for people because spreading that positivity through actions is what's going to change this society into being a better one.

Joseph Michael Daniels [00:02:58] I'm Joseph Michael Daniels, founder of Etopia. And when regulation changed in 2015, that meant 1.5 million more homes were built that were subject to fuel poverty due to being built badly and using gas. Etopia address this by building the net zero smart homes of the future, combining energy, construction and intelligent technology to make sure we can save the planet and save our pocket.

Joseph Michael Daniels [00:03:23] This is possible. It is being done. We have built in Africa, here in the Middle East building in America.

Joseph Michael Daniels [00:03:32] Without Barclays and Unreasonable Impact, I don't think that step could have been taken so quickly.

Joseph Michael Daniels [00:03:38] Build better and build for the future and everyone can then access property that's good for them.

A connected challenge requires connected thinking

What is ESG?

Environmental, Social, and Governance is a framework that helps businesses understand and measure their impact on society, the environment and how transparent and accountable it is.

Taking steps that matter

Whether you’re well on your way to achieving your ESG ambitions, or just starting to understand what ESG means for your business, we can offer support. At Barclays, we’re taking big steps too – with our ambition to become a net zero bank by 2050.

Our story so far…

At Barclays, we are determined to play our part. Find out more on our ambition to be a net zero bank by 2050.

Next level thinking

These businesses are committed to their sustainability transition. Take inspiration from their ESG journeys.

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Read our industry insights on the role that businesses can play in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy.


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Our solutions to support your transition

Evolving your business in line with ESG-based principles can help support your organisation to optimise growth and security going forward.

Some businesses will be underway with their transition already while others are possibly only now beginning to think about how to take their first steps.

Wherever you are on your journey, whatever size your business, and whichever sector you operate in, we can help.

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