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Making your business accessible

Whatever your industry or sector, we believe there are benefits to be gained by ensuring your business is as inclusive and accessible as possible. Here we share insight and resources from our own journey to build inclusion for customers and colleagues impacted by impairment, disability or health conditions. By sharing our story and the learning we’ve gained along the way we hope that we will help other businesses to become more accessible.

Barclays Ambition

One of our ambitions is to become the most accessible and inclusive organisation in the FTSE 100; this is not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes good commercial sense. Our aim at Barclays is to provide accessible services for all our customers, including those who are older or who have disabilities, whatever their accessibility requirements may be, or may become.

Like many organisations, we have a long history of respecting and implementing legal frameworks such as the Disability Discrimination Act, or Building Regulations. However in recent years we have found that it pays to move beyond a ‘tick the box’ mentality, and actively seek out new and innovative ways to remove historical barriers and allow ease of access to all – when you build for more complex needs, you often find solutions that make it easier for everyone!


    estimated combined income of households with a disabled person1

We are still on a journey and there is a lot more that we want to achieve and do, but we have already learnt a lot and have seen the value in businesses exchanging learning and best practice. We would like to share some of our experiences, insights and resources via this online portal and to hear from other businesses about their innovative practices so that we can collectively improve the accessibility of services for everyone.

Inclusion doesn’t end with disability

At Barclays, thinking about accessibility is only one part of being inclusive to all. Having a broad approach to welcoming all groups in society is a key to building a successful organisation. Read more about our global approach to diversity.

How can we help?

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