Barclays iPortal

Experience a seamless digital journey with iPortal. Provides a single point of access to Barclays Corporate Banking products and services, including cash management, loans, foreign exchange and open banking. 

iPortal solutions

  • Provides a single point of access for Barclays Corporate Banking products and services, including cash management and payments, loans and foreign exchange
  • Gives a consolidated view of your account balances and a consolidated work list of outstanding tasks
  • Fully customisable – you can create real-time alerts, set user entitlements and authorisation levels and assign bespoke personas to each user.

Introducing iPortal

Everything's together in iPortal.

You can see all your Barclays Corporate digital products, services and balances, in one place, with one log in, including access to payments in Barclays.Net and you know when you need to log in thanks to our SMS and email alerts.

Through iPortal you can approve outstanding transactions quickly and easily.

You can manage standing orders and direct debits, view statements and more in just a few clicks or taps.

And stay tuned in to the latest industry insights too.

When everything is all in one place you can relax knowing that iPortal makes banking easier. Plus if you need to view your balances and transactions on the go. The iPortal app is available on mobile devices.

Next, see how to find your way around iPortal.

How can iPortal support your business?

  • See an overview of your Barclays Corporate Banking relationship at a glance, including Payments & Reporting, lending and Open Banking consents
  • Both decision makers and operational users have one single-sign in access point globally – while allowing different levels of access to be set for each user
  • Digital Relationship tools such as alerts on pending transactions including payments, and service announcements to keep you up to date with the latest system updates and fraud alerts
  • It includes a mobile app to view accounts, and can be used as a log in device to approve transactions on to the desktop while either in the office or on the go
  • Users can access enhanced PDF reports.

Important information

For optimum performance of our Corporate Portal, your equipment should meet our recommended technical specification.

The vision of iPortal and functionalities mentioned here may be coming soon; vary by region; and are likely to change and evolve as we continuously improve the service.

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