Barclays iPortal

Experience a seamless digital journey with iPortal. Providing a single access point and sign-in for all Barclays Corporate Banking services and accounts, it allows access and authorisation to be set user by user for complete security.

Solutions to your objectives
  • Provides a single point of access for all Barclays Corporate Banking products and services, including cash management and payments, loans and foreign exchange 
  • Gives a consolidated view of all your account balances and a consolidated work list of outstanding tasks
  • Fully customisable – you can create real-time alerts, set user entitlements and authorisation levels and assign bespoke personas to each user.
How can Barclays iPortal support your business?
  • Both decision makers and operational users have one single-sign in access point globally – while allowing different levels of access to be set for each user
  • A single sign-in removes the need to remember multiple log-on credentials and URLs, creating a seamless journey across Barclays digital services
  • It includes a mobile and tablet app to view accounts, review and authorise transactions and message Barclays on the go
  • Users can access enhanced PDF reports
  • Interlocking banking capabilities help streamline your administration – while agile development ensures access to upgrades and additional features as soon as they are released.
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Important information

For optimum performance of our Corporate Portal, your equipment should meet our recommended technical specification.

The vision of iPortal and functionalities mentioned here may be coming soon; vary by region; and are likely to change and evolve as we continuously improve the service.

Further information on how iPortal can help with your banking:

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