The Great British staycation

21 January 2021

The UK domestic tourism boom continues and hospitality and leisure businesses are evolving to cater for rising expectations and the needs of different holiday groups.

Mike Saul, Head of Hospitality and Leisure, Barclays Corporate Banking, shares his insights into our research on the growing attraction of the Great British staycation. 

Getaway UK

Two years after Barclays’ Destination UK report identified a surge in domestic tourism, our new findings reveal continuing growth on an undiminished scale.

Three in 10 domestic holidaymakers (31%) plan to spend more holiday time in the UK in 2019 than they did in previous years. Millennials (aged 25-34) are driving this demand, and are the most likely demographic to choose a staycation as their main holiday. Overall, holidaymakers now rate UK and overseas leisure experiences equally in terms of recent improvements, and most say customer service is similar at home and abroad. The cumulative effect of this burgeoning UK holiday habit is feeding through to success for hospitality and leisure providers, and translating into significant rises in revenue.

Appealing to the evolving wants and needs of specific demographics unlocks further opportunities to attract customers. By gaining a deeper understanding of customers’ motivations and trends, businesses can shape even more compelling holiday experiences for the home market.

Read the full report for our key tips on how businesses can adapt to these trends and embed lifetime loyalty among their customers.

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