Big Picture Banking

Big Picture Banking

See tomorrow clearly.

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Using local insight and knowledge, our relationship teams across the UK are able to provide the expertise when your business might need it most. These teams and their specialist knowledge can help your business grow and thrive in the community.

To further understand the challenges businesses are facing, we’ve partnered with The Times to take the temperature of businesses across the nation. We’ve surveyed 1000 senior UK business leaders across the UK regions, looking at the position British businesses find themselves in today and the challenges of an ever-changing economic landscape. We’ll be sharing the full results of the survey over the coming months.

What is Big Picture Banking?

At Barclays Corporate Banking, we give clients the big picture. We look beyond numbers, revealing ideas and opportunities.

We can provide you with regional and sector specific knowledge and innovative financing solutions that could help you embrace change, expand business horizons and explore what tomorrow looks like for you.

See tomorrow clearly with Big Picture Banking.

Is it time to change your perspective?

At Barclays Corporate Bank

we have the banking excellence you’d expect

and much more besides.

By looking beyond banking

and beyond numbers

we see trends that others don’t.

We discover insights

uncover ideas

and reveal opportunities

to help you see what really matters.

With our dedicated regional and sector specialists

and the power of the wider Barclays network

we can act on those insights together,

helping you achieve a more expansive,

better-connected future for your business.

See tomorrow clearly.

Big Picture Banking

Tomorrow’s growth opportunities

Our lending solutions.

To support your growth ambitions, our lending experts are here to help you with lending solutions created with the needs of your businesses in mind: whether you want funding for growth, acquisition finance, property finance or a financial buffer in case of unexpected events.

In recent years, businesses have had to deal with a great deal, but have shown remarkable resilience and our recent research reveals that the UK businesses are generally optimistic. Our local teams are committed to helping you see the big picture, taking the time to understand your business vision and provide the support your business needs to grow.

Andrea Delay

Head of Mid Corporate Banking, Barclays Corporate

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