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A guide to post-lockdown business resilience for SMEs

Almost all UK SMEs will have felt the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting economic slowdown to some degree. There are clear signs of an increasing impetus to ‘build back better’, with many companies taking time to re-evaluate and reposition their purpose and values.

Read our guide, which highlights some of the key issues and questions for SMEs to consider to help them build business resilience.

Looking to the future

Recent times have brought unprecedented disruption to SMEs’ and their strategic plans. It has been hugely encouraging though to see how businesses quickly responded and adapted to changed circumstances, from diversifying into new markets, managing severe supply chain difficulties and finding innovative ways to meet customer demand.

As the majority of restrictions are now being lifted, it is crucial for all SMEs to take time to consider the way forward. Reviewing their strategies and forecasts, adjusting their models where possible, and ensuring they have a plan in place to not only navigate through continued uncertainty but build back better into the future.

The pandemic will continue to drive innovation and transformation, particularly in terms of digitisation from both a consumer and business operations perspective.

Andrea Delay & Paul Kempster

UK Co-Heads of Mid Corporate, Barclays Corporate Banking

The SME success stories included in this guide should serve as a reminder that those businesses that focus on the key issues highlighted will be well placed to take advantage of potential opportunities, thrive, and grow, even during times of uncertainty or crisis. We would like to thank those clients for taking the time to share their insights with us.

Client stories

  • Green Gourmet

    Green Gourmet: Serving up success

    Green Gourmet’s Managing Director Mike Hanley talks about the importance of securing the balance sheet, creating a healthy worklife balance for employees and staying true to a sustainable vision.

    We’re a purpose and people driven business that is able to change and adapt, with flexibility and agility, in response to our customers’ needs and the changing marketplace.

    Mike Hanley

    Managing Director, Green Gourmet

  • Gwalia Healthcare

    Gwalia Healthcare: Charting stormy waters

    Gwalia Healthcare’s Managing Director Rod Parker talks about pivoting in the face of adversity, making the plastics industry more ethical and capitalising on the power of LinkedIn.

    Despite setbacks, we’ve continued to diversify and invest in our infrastructure, our people and our processes. It’s about calculated risks and hard work. I take courage in my conviction.

    Rod Parker

    Managing Director, Gwalia Healthcare

  • Herrco Cosmetics

    Herrco Cosmetics: Going beyond aesthetic change

    Herrco Cosmetics’ Strategic Supply Chain Director John Wiley talks about leadership during times of crisis, communication and collaboration, and why people are the company’s most important asset.

    Our success is built on strong foundations and agile thinking. The biggest factor is our people, who believe in what we do, embrace change and have a desire to be the best.

    John Wiley

    Strategic Supply Chain Director, Herrco Cosmetics

  • John Lord Flooring

    John Lord Flooring: Building from the floor up

    Mark Hadfield, Managing Director of John Lord Flooring, talks about processes and technology, offering a one-stop-shop service and building a motivated workforce.

    Being able to stay positive, confront difficult challenges as they arise and adapt to change is the key to business resilience and it’s our people who are instrumental to helping the company move forward.

    Mark Hadfield

    Managing Director, John Lord Flooring

  • Mirius

    Mirius: A clean sweep

    Paul Marsh, co-owner and joint Managing Director of Mirius, talks about developing in-house expertise, product innovation and going above and beyond to meet customer needs.

    We’re always talking to our customers about their problems or opportunities. We can’t formulate strategy in isolation – it has to be an outward-looking process.

    Paul Marsh

    Co-owner and joint Managing Director, Mirius

  • Nutrition Group Plc

    Nutrition Group: A healthier future

    Richard Greathead, CEO of Nutrition Group, talks about the importance of long-term relationships, putting quality over quantity, seeing positives in negatives and keeping employees happy.

    It’s all about building long-term relationships with the right partners. We want to work with brands that are focused on quality and innovation, not price and volume.

    Richard Greathead

    CEO, Nutrition Group

  • Rototherm

    Rototherm: Going global by buying local

    Tarkan Conger, co-owner and Director of Rototherm, talks about lean innovation, empowering people and collaborating with local partners.

    Buying local drives strength. Businesses get stronger as they reinvest in themselves and each other. It starts at home, and it starts with the little guys buying local.

    Tarkan Conger

    Co-owner and Director, Rototherm

  • Tong Engineering

    Tong Engineering: Adapting for the times

    Edward Tong, Managing Director of Tong Engineering, talks about continually adapting to meet customers’ needs, investing for the future, and the importance of always listening to good advice.

    Continued development and investment in our people and our products, while always listening to our market and adapting to its requirements, is key to our long-term resilience and business success.

    Edward Tong

    Managing Director, Tong Engineering

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