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We meet Erik Fairbairn, CEO and Founder of Pod Point, to hear more about his ambition to help stop climate change.

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Pod Point employees






Ha, ha! I don't even know.




Has everyone been asked this question?


Like a buzzing sound, I guess?


Like a bee?




That sort of thing.


The sound of electricity?


We'll, take a moment to just hear that.




I think we have it.


Erik Fairbairn, CEO & Founder, Pod Point


I had a vision. I saw that internal combustion engine cars were having a negative effect on the planet.


Travel shouldn't damage the earth and Pod Point was my vehicle to create that vision.


Most people thought that we were completely nuts. Why on earth would I get rid of my internal combustion engine vehicle for an electric one? I just genuinely believed in it, and when you believe in something you know, that can take you a long way. So the amount of charging infrastructure we've got to build to enable a mass adoption of electric vehicles is immense. It’s simultaneously frightening and the most inspiring part of what we do. We've banked with Barclays since we founded the business in 2009 so they've been with us the entire journey.


Dominic McCarthy, Relationhsip Director, Barclays


The technology and media and telecoms team at Barclays brings a range of industry expertise to our clients like Pod Point. All of our Relationship Directors have an in depth knowledge of the sector which we can bring to our client relationships.


Erik Fairbairn


They've really started to understand our business, even to the extent of spending whole days in the business understanding what we do.


You know, they've become part of the team. So I think the biggest thing I look for in people that work for Pod Point is that I really want passionate, creative people.


The culture here is amazing


Pod Point employees


Quirky, Collaborative


It's fun.


It's great to be part of Silicon Roundabout because you are surrounded by loads of innovative tech companies.


It’s lively in the office; certainly it's full of dogs.


Erik Fairbairn


A few of the teams have said "we have got dogs, can we bring them?"


Who am I to say no?


Dominic McCarthy


I'd love to have a dog in the office at Barclays. It's not going to happen.




Erik Fairbairn


I dream of a world where all transport doesn't use any fossil fuels so we can drive around completely guilt free we don't have to worry about what's coming out of the tail pipe of our car. It's a silent revolution. Shhhh!!

Armed with a vision that travel shouldn’t damage the earth, Pod Point is the UK’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging.

Pod Point has banked with Barclays since inception in 2009 and has subsequently achieved phenomenal growth.

Pre-empting the milestones that a fast growth company like Pod Point will encounter, Barclays has provided relevant products at each stage of the journey.

They’ve been with us the entire journey.

Erik Fairbairn

CEO and Founder, Pod Point

By getting under the bonnet of Pod Point, we’ve helped provide the energy to power its continued growth.

Barclays are keen to support businesses looking to benefit the environment. For more information, please see our Green Loan product offering.

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