When you’re looking for ways to streamline operations and achieve growth in your business, you need time to focus on key decisions. That’s why our new platform provides quick, consistent support for your European banking – speeding up your day-to-day, so you can spend your time on the bigger picture.

We support the European needs of global corporates with:

  • A cutting-edge, unified banking platform across Europe 
  • Harmonised transaction and reporting formats 
  • Unified pricing and servicing models across Europe 
  • Support across standard and regional electronic channels.

You want a simplified banking experience across Europe

A streamlined service that speeds up your day-to-day so you can spend time on the bigger picture

Take your business further with our European banking platform

Connecting you to the best of Barclays the right people and the right solutions seamlessly consistently digitally

Connecting you to Europe

Connecting you to possibility

Barclays, ask about our European Banking today.

Connecting you to the best of Barclays

Cash management

We offer full support for centralised and decentralised treasury, as well as shared service centre models, providing ‘on behalf’ solutions, centralised SEPA collections capability in hub locations, local collection capabilities, and a range of liquidity solutions – with cash concentration structures across Western Europe.


From balance-sheet analysis to hedging solutions, we can help you assess and address foreign exchange (FX) and rates risks across your business. We have a full range of transactional FX solutions, available through multiple channels.


With an international network of local trade specialists, we can help you to execute and expand your trading activities with confidence. We can help you mitigate risks, ensure payment security and maximise your working capital.


Discover flexible, expert financing solutions built around your business. With our specialist structuring expertise, alongside our extensive knowledge of the local market, we are well placed to offer a range of debt financing solutions to support your business.

Connecting you to seamless digital experiences

Digital onboarding

If you’re thinking of opening an account, our online application tool can take away the pain and the paperwork of setting up bank accounts.

Online banking, on the go

Get global access to all your Barclays Corporate Banking activities from a single sign-in point with Barclays iPortal, available via your desktop and mobile app. Search ‘Barclays iPortal’ for more information.

Digital FX solutions

BARX Corporate provides the complete self-service FX trading solution for your business, delivering real-time trading in spot, forward and swap transactions across 60 currencies. BARX NetFX provides automated FX risk management, giving you greater control over spreads, cashflow and costs.

Global trade

Reduce your trade administration with Barclays Global Trade Portal, enabling you to manage documentation, like letters of credit, online in real time.

Connecting you to the right people

Your Relationship Director

Your senior point of contact with detailed knowledge of your business and the authority to get things done. Our relationship teams are on-the-ground in your location, and work closely with our global experts and product and industry specialists to simplify your cross-border operations.

Product and industry specialists

Your Relationship Director can connect you to our extensive knowledge of developments and trends, across a variety of industry sectors. Our teams can support with Financial Services expertise, from FinTech and Insurance, to Private Equity and Asset Management.

Investment Bank

Our Investment Bank specialists offer comprehensive financial advisory, capital raising, financing and risk management services to corporations, governments and financial institutions worldwide.


We offer a comprehensive range of card solutions for your business. We can help you make the sale, with platforms for promotion and consumer finance. We’ll give you the technology to take payments quickly and reliably and help you manage your own company’s payments, so you always feel in control.


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Our European platform is currently set up to support you across Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Italy.