Delivering Economic Growth through Exports

30 April 2018

The initial step to move into overseas markets can seem daunting, with numerous challenges to be faced. Read our report which explores barriers, transitions and opportunities for exporters seeking to expand internationally.

Previously, we looked into the role of superstar exporters and their exporting trends and patterns. In this report, we look in more detail at some of the barriers to export growth, the support available to exporters and the journey to exporting. 

According to the Policy Institute at Kings, research shows that businesses can face a number of exporting barriers, which can prohibit them from being interested or willing to engage in international trade.

Read our article on delivering economic growth through exports PDF†

Delivering economic growth through exports

The journey to exporting


Introduction to Trade and Working Capital

Exporting for many businesses is first and foremost a way of achieving growth. International trade also means diversifying a business’s customer base.


Developing Superstar Exporters

Barclays’ Global Finance Advisory team explores how efficient management of working capital can unlock cash for alternative uses and build shareholder value.