Authorised Economic Operator

30 April 2018

Organisations that have AEO status have a substantial advantage in recognition when looking to diversify or expand their international trade.

UK export growth of good and services

AEO provides a platform, as an internationally recognised mark of quality, that certifies that an organisation has a secure and compliant international supply chain.

As of 2018~, only 628 UK organisations have registered, and undertaken AEO certification, which, as a reflection of other European surrounding countries (Top three: Germany 6227, France 1604 and the Netherlands with 1557), opens the door of opportunity to a number of UK businesses looking to leverage their international presence.

AEO is now, more than ever, being recognised for providing greater benefit to organisations that have the certification, and with current concerns on how organisations will navigate internationally Post-Brexit - AEO certification is becoming even more desirable as an internationally recognised tool to keep supply chains moving.

To learn more on what an AEO status is, please download our brochure PDF 682KB †

~European Commission website


Introduction to Trade and Working Capital

Exporting for many businesses is first and foremost a way of achieving growth. International trade also means diversifying a business’s customer base.