Next Generation Treasury

It’s no secret that the role of the treasurer has undergone a significant evolution in recent years. From the financial crisis of 2008 to more recent macroeconomic events, challenge after challenge has prompted treasury professionals to step up and play a more strategic role within their organisations. While the fundamental goals of treasury remain the same, there is much to be gained by embracing the opportunities of ‘next generation treasury’, rather than relying solely on tried and tested methods.

Next Gen Treasury: Harnessing the power of technology and innovation

November 2018

In this episode of Barclays Corporate Insights, we take on the fast paced topics of technology and innovation. We're joined by Sabry Salman Managing Director, International Corporates, Barclays and George Osborne, Head of Specialist Finance, Barclays in the studio where they look at how treasurers are harnessing these new tools and technologies to support the more strategic role treasurers have within their organisations. We also look at some real life examples of how these new technologies are being used. 

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Full report: Next generation treasury

September 2018

This report highlights some of the opportunities for treasurers to overcome their current challenges and take treasury to the next level – both today and in the years ahead.

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What does next generation treasury mean to you?

A snapshot of treasury in 2018

While treasurers are increasingly expected to do more with less, innovation and development are bringing new opportunities to work more efficiently and make better-informed decisions.

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People in treasury

As treasurers take on a more strategic role within the organisation, there’s much to be gained by embracing dynamic working models and increasing the diversity of the team.

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The path to greater integration

There are plenty of opportunities for internal and external systems to become more integrated, giving treasurers the tools they need to handle ever-increasing volumes of information.

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Developments in financing

From green bonds and loans to direct lending funds, treasurers should be keeping abreast of the latest developments in financing.

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Working capital

Treasurers are playing a more significant role in managing working capital – and the importance of end-to-end oversight and cross-functional collaboration should not be underestimated.

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Payment trends

As immediate payments gain traction and new FX services become available, how can treasurers benefit from the evolving payments landscape?

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