Making the 4th Industrial Revolution a Reality

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is under way. 4IR technologies such as machine learning, big data analysis, real-time data collection and advanced robotics are driving manufacturing into a new digital era. It’s time for UK manufacturers to decide how they can leverage 4IR to remain globally competitive.

4th Industrial Revolution

Our new report examines UK manufacturing’s attitudes to 4IR and the benefits that early adopters of 4IR technology have experienced: from tackling productivity challenges to reducing costs and upskilling the workforce. Increased investment is also predicted to have a significant impact on the UK economy with additional value creation and new jobs.

We are committed to supporting UK manufacturers as they come to terms with the implications of 4IR. We’ve created a range of additional insights into the main issues and you can access them below.

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Smart manufacturing

What do UK manufacturers think of 4IR?

Discover the value of digital manufacturing

Learn about some key technologies defining a 4IR factory of the future.

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Grow your 4IR knowledge

Learn about the 4IR with these useful government and industry body websites.

Government industrial strategy^

EEF 4IR hub^

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