Pure Gym

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We meet Adam Bellamy, CFO, Pure Gym find out more about his ambition to innovate and grow the business.

Pure Gym runs affordable, high quality fitness facilities in over 160 locations in the UK, with over 800,000 gym members.1

Having opened 50 gyms in under four years, Pure Gym was looking for a bank with an appetite to lend and a willingness to listen.

We don’t always know what we need. We're running at a fast pace so it’s absolutely vital we have supportive business partners. I choose to work with Barclays because they actually make my life a lot easier.

Adam Bellamy

CFO, Pure Gym

Barclays worked with Pure Gym from a very early stage, spending time with the management team to understand the ambitions of the company.

1Numbers correct January 2017.

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Hospitality and Leisure

In a highly competitive sector, Barclays' hospitality and leisure specialists provide proactive strategic, banking and financing support.


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Our calculations reveal the total potential out-of-hours opportunity for the Hospitality and Leisure sector: extra revenue of some £6.75bn.

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