Video transcript

Think you know escrow?
Think again.

“An escrow account is a one size fits all product.
It’s slow and inflexible.”

We don’t agree.

We tailor our services to your needs and those of the underlying transaction, to create a solution that works for you and your timeframes.

Escrow services are impersonal 
And inconsistent

They don’t have to be.

We provide a single point of contact with end-to-end knowledge for a more personal and consistent experience.

Escrow is just for M&A…

Not necessarily!

With security and confidentiality built in, escrow is a great choice for trade, insolvency, employment, pensions, project finance, acquisition, arbitration,
litigation and helps you safeguard funds, manage risk and provide assurance.

Not all escrow agents are the same.
Find out how we’re different.

Rethink escrow at: barclayscorporate.com/escrow