Corporate Escrow Services

From M&A payments to litigation funds to capital raisings, we offer a range of escrow solutions for your most critical transactions. Whatever your needs, we help ensure capital is held securely and cost-effectively.

Solutions for your business
  • Rely on our experienced escrow specialists to provide full support for your major financial transactions – from structuring solutions to servicing accounts
  • Use our proven, standardised escrow agreements to simplify the documentation process, reduce negotiation times and minimise legal costs
  • Hold escrow amounts in joint or single-party accounts, depending on your needs.

Cash Conundrum

Options currently exist for businesses that want to optimise their cash-handling processes.


Swift GPI for Cross-border Payments

Barclays speaks to Ryan McAuliffe from SWIFT about how SWIFT global payment innovation (gpi) is transforming the cross-border payments industry.

What can escrow services do for you?

Our escrow solutions can be used to manage the secure transition of funds for a range of transactions:

Mergers and acquisitions:

Support your M&A transactions with escrow solutions to hold a range of payments that may be contingent on different stages of the transaction being agreed.

Financing: Manage counterparty risk in project and infrastructure finance, acquisition finance and cash collateralised credit.

Litigation: Hold funds in escrow awaiting the outcome of a court judgement, ensuring the safeguarding of assets during the appeals process.

Capital raising: Provide assurance to transaction parties that funding is in place for acquisition financing or pending an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Regulatory requirements:

Hold assets in escrow to comply with government regulations in areas like environmental protection, real estate development, bankruptcy and pension protection.

Discover the benefits of escrow accounts for corporates undertaking cross-border transactions.

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Important information

The product referred to in this webpage is subject to separate terms and conditions. 

Barclays holds any Escrow funds as banker in a non-fiduciary capacity and will release the funds in accordance with pre-agreed terms on a non-discretionary basis.

This product is only available to Corporate and Institutional clients.