Business Growth Fund

Business Growth Fund is an independent company established by the UK’s largest banks, including Barclays, to help fast growing businesses by providing long-term growth capital.

BGF makes minority stake investments of £2m+ to UK businesses with a turnover of £5m-£100m. Every company is considered on its individual merits.

Solutions for your business
  • Growth capital from BGF is long-term equity funding that a management team can use to execute their strategic plans
  • It provides funding for a whole range of working capital and acquisition strategies where raising capital through full equity issuance would be too dilutive
  • Non-financial support is also offered, providing corporate governance over the long term.

Business Growth Fund

BGF is the UK and Ireland's most active investor in growing businesses.

How can the business growth fund support your business?
  • Supports management teams with a good track record, a proven business model and a desire to grow
  • Can provide initial growth capital of £2m–£10m for a minority equity stake and a board seat, with potential for further funding as a company grows
  • Long-term funding of up to 10 years, with follow-on investment, supported by a partnership based on shared goals and objectives
  • Investments are made in ordinary shares, loan notes or a combination. The BGF may consider an element of cash out to existing shareholders at the time of their investment
  • With nine offices across the UK, the Business Growth Fund stays close to the businesses it invests in.

Important information

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