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Celebrating Britain’s fastest-growing private technology companies.


About Tech Track 100

For the 13th year, we are proud to be sponsoring The Sunday Times Sage Tech Track 100 league table of Britain’s fastest-growing private technology companies. The Tech Track 100 ranks private technology, media and telecoms (TMT) companies based on their growth in sales over the last three years of available data.

2020 research report and article

To read our article that was featured in The Sunday Times, as well as the Research report, please view below.

Key summary

  • This year's Tech Track 100 companies increased their sales by an average of 94% a year over three years from combined sales of £491m to £2.8bn

  • 39 companies made an operating profit (OP) in their latest year (2019/20), with an average profit margin of 19%. 14 had margins of more than 20%; and 61 made operating losses

  • 46 of the companies on the league table are majority-owned by an entrepreneur and/or founders, while 48 are owned by private equity or venture capital firms and 4 by business angels

  • There is a good spread of industries represented, with five having 10 or more companies. The most dominant is B2B software (24), followed by online consumer services (16) and health & medtech (12). Fintech, the most dominant industry in 2019 with 24 companies, is down to 11 companies this year

  • The vast majority of companies on the league table are based in London (62) and the southeast (10). The northwest is home to 8 companies and the northeast to 7, compared with 7 for both regions last year.

Key themes

  • Data analytics: technology developed by companies helped central and local government make critical decisions during the pandemic 
  • Developing a vaccine: six companies are directly involved in the fight against Covid-19
  • Enabling remote working: several companies helped get workplaces online, influencing changes to working patterns
  • Online marketplaces: online retail made people’s lives easier during lockdown, with marketplace models proving particularly successful
  • Gaming and entertainment: demand for video games and online entertainment rocketed during lockdown
  • Growth capital fundraising: despite Covid-19, companies continued to attract investment
  • Serial entrepreneurs: 35 companies are run by serial entrepreneurs
  • Women in tech: nine firms are run or were founded by women, down one on last year's figure
  • BAME entrepreneurs: in a year when diversity in the technology industry has come under scrutiny the seven BAME entrepreneurs helping lead this year's companies show there is still a long way to go.

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