The journey to connected care

The journey to connected care

Helping enhance care home residents’ wellbeing.

Digitisation and technology is likely to play a key role in the future of care. But it has to be managed carefully – we have to ensure we’re always putting people first, meeting their needs and managing their privacy.

Claire Johnsen

Head of Innovation, Savista Developments

Hallmark care homes

Savista Developments

Savista Developments, a sister company of Hallmark Care Homes, is an award-winning construction company and property developer specialising in later living care homes and retirement communities, as well as residential apartment projects.

Improving the later life experience

Working closely with Hallmark to deliver innovative solutions for later living lifestyles, Savista aspires to be the leading developer of exceptional environments. We spoke to Head of Innovation Claire Johnsen about Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities in the care sector.

A more connected future

From sensors that monitor and optimise light, air and water quality, to fall monitors that sound alarms and wearables that track residents’ health indicators, IoT devices and real time data can help enhance care home residents’ wellbeing while also enabling care teams to perform their roles more effectively.

Innovation roadmap

A technology stack that forms a key part of Savista’s innovation roadmap, Claire thinks IoT is likely to play a crucial role in care homes of the future: “It offers significant opportunities to meet the needs and expectations of our ageing population. However, we must always act in the best interests of our residents and never lose sight of relationship-centred care.”

Focused on the user experience

No technology should be implemented without first understanding stakeholder needs. To help achieve this, Claire’s team runs a regular innovation roadshow, visiting Hallmark’s 19 care homes and speaking to as many team members and residents as possible to gauge their views on various technologies, while unearthing their concerns and appetite for change.

“Innovation is at the heart of our approach to designing and constructing care homes. We’re constantly adapting and improving our processes and technologies – and applying new ones – to best meet the needs of our residents, employees and the business.”

It’s all about the people

As part of its IoT journey, Savista has already implemented various technologies within its buildings.

For example, IoT sensors in pipes monitor water temperature and tap flow, providing real-time data that allows the care home teams to assess whether further quality testing is required. Given the ever-present threat of Legionnaires disease, these sensors play a key role in maintaining the safety of the buildings, while also reducing the amount of manual testing required.

Similarly, Hallmark Care Homes has rolled out a night-time acoustic monitoring solution to help improve residents’ safety and allow for more personalised care. Sensors, combined with AI technology and machine learning algorithms, detect meaningful night-time events for each resident. This allows residents to sleep better as carers don’t have to check on them as often and means carers can reach residents sooner if there’s a problem.

IoT technology doesn’t replace team members, it just helps them make better decisions and be more efficient.

Claire Johnsen

Head of Innovation, Savista Developments

Overcoming adoption challenges

While IoT solutions have the potential to offer the care home sector many benefits, Claire reminds us of some of the key challenges.

“When something goes digital, it brings with it a whole new security element, particularly if the data includes personal information. Our duty of care to our residents means we need well-defined processes demonstrating how we manage their data and keep it private, safe and secure.”

“What’s more, just because we can do something using IoT, we must still ask whether it improves our operational environment and brings benefit to our residents – and make sure it meets the regulatory requirements.”

Working with Barclays

Barclays Eagle Labs proudly supports Savista Developments and Hallmark Care Homes’ inter-company leadership and innovation programme, the Care Accelerator. The programme is designed to equip participants with leadership skills by enabling them to develop and implement their innovative ideas – the first of its kind across the social care sector.

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