Home truths

Home Truths

The UK’s housing market currently faces challenges in modern society. In our latest release, we set out to understand housing in the UK and examine the interlinked nature of those challenges.

We assembled a panel of experts with inside knowledge of serving diverse markets in the housebuilding sector. We looked at a range of factors in society which opens up a rich dialogue, on the latest industry thinking in the UK and overseas.

A world of housing innovation, how international experience can inform UK responses to the housing crisis

Girl at window

Read about housing innovation across the globe PDF 1.6MB † 

Models for living: creating homes that promote community, safety and wellbeing

Home truths models for living

Read about models for living and the role of building homes in society PDF 758KB †

The generation game: why the housing crisis isn’t just about the young

Home truths - the generation game

How are the issues of each generation interlinked? PDF 629KB †

What we really mean when we talk about the housing crisis

Home truths - housing crisis

Read the full 'What we really mean when we talk about the housing crisis' PDF 1.64MB †

Coming soon:

  • When policy meets reality: Which of the UK Government’s key policy initiatives stand the best chance of success?