Build to Rent

19 March 2019

Around 15,000 new homes per year could potentially be added to England and Wales house supply in the period to 2030, if the Build to Rent sector is able to mature and reach a similar scale of investment as the US multi-family market or the UK PBSA market.

The research also identifies the benefits of Build to Rent (BTR) through a range of stakeholder consultation including interviews and roundtables with those engaged in the delivery of BTR from both the private and public sectors. The additionality benefits of Build to Rent include:

  • accelerated delivery
  • the ability to unlock sites
  • intensification of sites
  • accelerated market absorption on large sites
  • placemaking and regeneration benefit
  • improved management and service to tenants
  • provision of on-site jobs and enhanced labour mobility.

The report is commissioned by The British Property Federation (BPF) and sponsored by Barclays. The research was conducted by Savills Research and Economics teams, as well as the London School of Economics providing an independent and critical role for the collection and analysis of data. It is the first study to quantify the scale of BTR delivery across the country and to identify the nature of schemes in terms of their planning status, scale and delivery approach.

Read the full build to rent report PDF† (2MB)