Giving: a new landscape

Giving: a new landscape

How technology is changing the charity sector.

Technology is changing the future of giving

Charities across the UK are shifting to digital in the wake of Covid-19, transforming their fundraising strategies, adopting new technologies, and embracing innovation across a broader range of platforms.

Three in four charities have implemented new technologies to improve almost every aspect of operations and have further changes planned in the next 12 months.

Internal efficiency

75% of charities surveyed have implemented a new process, technology or channel in the past two years.


Technology can make it easier and more efficient for donors to contribute on a regular basis.

Online user experiences

Improved communication and interaction with donors, beneficiaries, supporters, employees, and volunteers.

How consumers make donations

Technological solutions became a necessity, rather than a nice-to-have, amid charities’ efforts to continue to function during the pandemic.

While the journey to digital may have started out of necessity, both charities and donor have continued to embrace its benefits even as social restrictions ease;


of consumer donations are digitalised.


of consumers preferring to donate using cash.

How charities have gone digital

Islamic relief

A series of small steps

Keeping up with digitally active supporters is a must for charitable organisation Islamic Relief.

Think like a donor

Think like a donor

Understand your supporters to help inform your digital journey

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