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We meet Julian Tighe, Group Director of Asta, to find out how Barclays has been supporting Asta to boost innovation in the global insurance market.

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Julian Tighe, Group Director of Asta:

Asta create and manage underwriting businesses, anything from small entrepreneurs to multinational global reinsurers that want to access Lloyds. 

Lloyd's of London is a pretty unique place, it's not a company, it's a marketplace. 

They're assessing risks from all over the world. And the capital that supports the underwriting is truly global as well. 

Asta is helping entrepreneurial businesses to access the market. 

One example being the Syndicate-in-a-box. Syndicate-in-a-box is a lower cost, faster access solution. 

It's a great way for entrepreneurs to get a foot in the door. 

Lloyd’s has historically had a fantastic reputation for innovation and technology, and Asta is the heart of that. 

James Morris, MD, International Corporate Banking:

Lloyd’s is truly an international business and at Barclays we have a truly international insurance team. 

We have a focus on innovation and digitalisation, which is where Lloyd’s is currently going. 

We can offer everything across the spectrum from the most simple bank accounts to the most structured solution. Most importantly, we can tailor what is required to that specific customer. 

Julian Tighe:

Having a dedicated relationship manager for Asta is particularly important. 

You want to feel like you're the only client, the most important client and actually Barclays do make us feel like that. 

James Morris:

We're really proud of our relationship with Asta. It's been 10 years now, we've seen them grow from strength to strength. And now we really see them as the most entrepreneurial managing agency in the market. 

Julian Tighe: 

Barclays expertise in the market allow Barclays to provide Asta with tailored solutions. We can rely on Barclays. 

James Morris:

The big picture is really exciting. We certainly feel the partnership that we got and how we're collaborating is really revolutionising how insurers come to market. We're constantly seeking ways to innovate. 

Julian Tighe:

I'm very excited about the future for Asta. And I'm absolutely sure that Barclays will continue to help us on that journey. 

Asta creates and manages underwriting businesses, currently managing a number of Lloyd’s of London syndicates.

Innovation is vital if businesses are to survive and thrive – particularly in challenging times. As the lead third-party managing agent at Lloyd’s, Asta has been key to supporting the innovative ‘Future at Lloyd’s’ programme which aims to show the Lloyd’s market as a global leader in insurance innovation.

Barclays has made this innovation possible. They will find solutions for us and be innovative in doing so, which gives us a great deal of confidence.

Julian Tighe

Group Director, Asta

As part of this programme, the Syndicate-In-a-Box initiative is designed to more quickly introduce entrepreneurial entrants in order to evolve and grow the market. With Barclays’ help, Asta is perfectly positioned to help entrepreneurial and innovative underwriters access Lloyd’s in this way. And because entrepreneurial syndicates require funding support, we also provide a range of financing products for Asta’s clients that are vital to their launch.

Julian Tighe, Group Director of Asta, commented, “Innovation is vital for us to stay relevant. It’s incredibly important for Asta and our clients to have an international banking partner that’s innovative and understands the industry.”

James Nicol, Barclays Corporate Banking Relationship Director, noted, “Close collaboration with our colleagues across the Corporate and Investment Bank allows Barclays to create solutions to support investment into the global insurance market. This is in addition to supporting the day-to-day needs of participating syndicates.”

We’re proud to support Asta as they continue to introduce new underwriting businesses into Lloyd’s.

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