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Welcome to our New Frontiers hub. Here, you can discover the key developments in technology from the insights we’ve gained from our conversations with business leaders working at the forefront of innovation.

12 clusters – East Midlands

The East Midlands has an established place in history through its continued innovation. From being home to the world’s first factory, the discovery of silicon and pioneering research into genetics and semiconductors, the region has a history of excellence from which to forge its future.

12 clusters – North West

In this report we look at the North West of England which has a long history of pioneering technologies, from being at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution to its key role in the early days of computing.

12 clusters – Wales

The Welsh Tech and Digital ecosystem is a thriving and rapidly-expanding sector, click below to read the 12 clusters report on Wales.

12 clusters – West Midlands

The West Midlands is a vibrant epicentre for technology with a well connected ecosystem of highly skilled digital entrepreneurs, startups and established companies.

12 clusters – East of England

The East of England’s distinctive tech cluster has gained international appeal by helping solve some of the world’s biggest challenges from climate change and health, to the future of mobility with a depth and breadth of innovative, world-class technologies.

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Technology, Media and Telecoms Sector Outlook

Ian Bain expects the UK’s trailblazing tech and media companies to continue their upward trajectory of growth and success this year. Likewise, Industry Director LC, Lee Everson says the UK’s high-growth technology companies look set to continue to thrive in 2022.