New Frontiers Blog

How will innovation impact the way we live, think and work in 2019 and beyond? Our New Frontiers blog series explores this question and what it means for businesses.

Welcome to our New Frontiers blog series. Here, you can discover the key developments in technology from the insights we’ve gained from our conversations with business leaders working at the forefront of innovation.

Sean Duffy 
Head of Technology, Media and Telecoms at Barclays

#1 Inciting growth

In this New Frontiers blog, we reflect on our conversation with Darktrace, the world’s leading AI company for cyber defence.

#2 Responsible AI

Here, we discuss the key things we learnt about AI from Manoj Saxena, the Executive Chairman of AI developer CognitiveScale.

#3 Generation Z

What’s the key to success? We reveal what Bejay Mulenga, award-winning founder of Supa Network, taught us about Generation Z and the rise of young entrepreneurs.

#4 eSports breaks into the mainstream

Here, we share our insights about the rise in eSports popularity from our conversation with Sam Mathews, co-founder and chairman of Fnatic.

#5 The power of machine learning

How has AI advanced in capability and how can machine learning be used to build brands? We share insights from our conversation with Streetbees.

#6 How APIs are helping freelancers get their money faster

Our New Frontiers blog explores the benefits of technologies like APIs and how they can help freelancers connect to crucial financing, from our conversation with Natasha Foster, co-founder and COO of Paid.

Looking for further information? Listen to our conversations with these business leaders^, recorded as part of our New Frontiers podcast series.


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