Why Barclays

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Why Barclays

Victoria Stapleton, Founder & Creative Director, Brora

It had got to the time where we really did need more space. I was banking at the time with a small private bank and they weren't interested in lending any money at all, and my strong advice was that Barclays would be really helpful.

Mark Philips, Sales Director, Express Bi-Fold Doors
Barclays have shared our vision and supported us and that has allowed us to re-invest into the business continually over the last 10 years.

Ravi Karia, Managing Director, Pertemba
They take the time out to actually come here and say "How can we help you?", and they're always helping to actually put us in touch with brands.

Yonaton Raz-Fridman, Co-Founder, Kano
Once we became a corporate client at Barclays and started to have Relationship Management, life became much, much, much better.

Mark Colcomb, Vice President, Finance & Support, Celtic Manor
We've had three or four different Relationship Managers and I can't fault any of them - they've been so supportive, so helpful.

Adam Bellamy, CFO, Pure Gym
This is the person who is our interface with the bank, has a great relationship with us, but also understands our business very well.

Max Aitken, Co-CEO, Estover Energy
Engineering, design, financing: our Relationship Director helped us make those pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Martin Dalby, CEO, Center Parcs UK
He's there at the end of the phone, he comes out on site visits, he's been extremely supportive, he's been very clever in the way he's helped us construct the financing of this project.

Graeme Macdonald, CEO, JCB
The great thing about Barclays is they really have a deep understanding of not only JCB but our industry. So they can provide great innovative solutions such as trade financing, and they really understand the mechanics of how that operates.

Erik Fairburn, CEO & Founder, Pod Point
They've been with us the entire journey, and I guess the venture debt product that we've started using recently is a great example of Barclays coming to us and saying "We've seen the kind of business, we've seen some of the challenges you've got, perhaps this product would be of use to you."

Alex Hill, COO and CFO, AEG Europe
They bring in other parts of their functional expertise. So we're using the likes of Pingit to be able to provide secure methods of customer payment technologies.

Greg Hendry, Managing Director, Happy Pets Products
Our international business has been helped tremendously by a new platform that Barclays have put together with the DIT to enable international buyers access to UK customers.

Neil Chapman, Managing Director, Hovertravel Ltd.
Our requirement was for investment into two new hovercraft. What we've got from Barclays is an awful lot more than that in our partnership going forward.

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