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Premier League

The role of the Premier League is to put on the most competitive and compelling competition and then through that to actually invigorate people’s lives and to do something good with the power that that gives you.

When they formed the Premier League nobody realised how quick it would grow. It grew domestically for the first 8 or 9 years and then probably starting around about the 90’s into the new millennium this global explosion and now we are in over 200 countries broadcast worldwide.

The growth of the Premier League since we started banking them at inception in 1992 has been nothing short of phenomenal. The first year’s turnover was something in the region of £46 million and it’s in excess of 2 billion now and will be significantly more than that next year and it’s difficult to think of many Barclays corporate customers that have exhibited such an incredible rate of growth over that period.

Barclays have a very strong relationship in football, with football banking they currently bank a lot of our clubs and have done historically. Just like us then, they were a hugely iconic UK business and institution but it had these global aspirations and I think we were able to ride those mutual, if you like, objectives right from the very start.

Barclays supports the Premier League by helping with all their financial requirements so that could be things as diverse as helping them in terms of gathering a huge amount of receipts and payments around the world that they need to make, looking after their cash deposits and making sure that they earn as good a return as possible to make sure that the clubs have a reliable budget to work to.

They’ve helped a lot of clubs through some of the some of the more wider work that Barclays do, the community work, the Barclays spaces for sport work, some of the other project work that they have been involved in on the community side.

The Barclays Premier League works as a great initiative where fundamentally it’s using the skills that Barclays have got to get young people, helping them with their education, helping them getting to work.

This scheme is all around making sure that young people have employment opportunities and maximise their potential.

There are lots of great example around. Probably the best is Rachel Key who was a graduate of the Barclays Premier League works program and she ended up actually presenting the trophy and again you don’t get much better than that.

Barclays have a huge reach, a different reach to us. We have audience reach but they have a big business reach but they also have a big consumer reach. You’ve got that might of Barclays behind you activating on the ground and we could never have done some of the exposure, some of the event things that we’ve done without the help of Barclays.

Because Barclays has an industry specialism in sport and football in general, I think it’s really helped us have a level of understanding that we can bring to bear in our terms of our banking relationship.

Barclays are still going to be the Premier League’s banking partner and that is much wider and bigger than people might imagine. It isn’t just the fact that they’re our bank but also they get to be able to publicise that fact around the world and hopefully the reputation that the Premier League has around the world and the reputation Barclays have around the world we’re still able to join together to create something bigger for both of us.

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